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Quick Q’s with Baltimore Style Star : Titiana Mullin

22 Aug
One of my favorite stylish fashionistas to follow on Instagram would have to be Titana Mullin @tot_tea.
Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 6.33.34 PM
She is a Baltimorean with a fierce classy style that you can’t help to love. She was an aspiring dancer before finding a passion in photography. After attending MICA for two years to further her photography passion, she decided to take some time to network while working at Nordstrom. So happy to introduce this Baltimore style star story to you finally!
 Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 6.30.12 PM
How did you fall in love with fashion?
“I’ve always enjoyed dressing up and wearing interesting and clothes that were fun and dramatic,” Mullin said. It became a real passion in my life after my Sophomore year when I had to stop dancing due to an injury. After that I had so much free time and would read tons of fashion magazines which then I would rip out anything I thought was inspiring to me and hang them all over my walls. Dance makes you incredibly aware of your body and very focused on how you look so utilizing that it opened up a whole new world with personal style and finding my own confidence in a new light.”
Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 6.33.12 PM
How did you fall in love with photography?
“It was in Junior year I took a photography class, not planning to take it very seriously, and once the teacher began to explain what taking a photograph really is, something in my mind clicked,” Mullin said. Looking through that viewfinder to be able to take any piece of the world and make it your own view of what you find important in the world has such an impact in our everyday lives and obviously on me as well! I still talk to my photography teacher today because he really pushed to keep shooting and exploring until I found that I had an editorial feel to my photography. Then all those magazine sheets on my walls really made sense and I began to use them for all my inspiration.”
What’s your favorite fashion related project you have done so far and why?
“So far I have worked with a lot of amazing people and it’s been such a blessing to be able to share my craft and learn from the businesses or people I work with at the same time,” Mullin said. My favorite has been working with my friend Brandon who’s a male model. I’ve always worked onlywith female models. But working with Brandon has been a great learning experience since male and female models all are so different and similar from each other. No matter who I’ve worked with it’s great to see what that specific model brings to had their own spice to the shoot. Brandon is very open to experimenting and we usually brainstorm and try using props, jumping shoots, and creating very artistic and unique images.”
Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 6.29.55 PM
How would you describe your personal style?
“My personal style is based off classic silhouettes focusing on 50’s and 60’s inspiration,” Mullin said.  I love high-waisted everything and using texture or pattern to make my outfits unique with fun vibes. I’d like to think something like Katy Perry mixed with Audrey Hepburn. I don’t take my personal style very seriously, I love pollka dots and fun florals anytime of the year! I love exploring thrift shops and Boutiques around Baltimore to find items that no one else would ever imagine having.  I’ll be inspired by a pattern or specific vibe a look is giving off in a magazine and I usually go and find an item that speaks to that inspiration and my personal style.”
Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 6.32.46 PM
Anything else you like to share?

“GoGo’s Retread Threads is one of my all time favorite places to get unique and great purchases,” Mullin said.  I also love Double Dutch in Hampden and The Doll House Boutique, these places are all so different which is the best! It shows that here in Baltimore you have the freedom to look how ever you want and there’s someone who will love it and appreciate it as well.”

Follow Titiana Mullin here: https://instagram.com/tot_tea/

Raw Baltimore 2015: BOLD on September 9

22 Aug

Raw Baltimore 2015 season continues with BOLD on September 9 at a new location, PBR & Angels Rock Bar from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Each monthly event features film screening, musical performance, fashion show, art gallery, performance art and a featured hairstylist or makeup artist.

*CALLING ALL ARTISTS!  You can  submit your work at http://www.rawartists.org/baltimore to participate in a future showcase.

Quick Shout-outs:  Congrats to Ms. Charm’s Chic Musically Chic alum, Cecilia Grace who will be performing at the  September showcase.




To view more information about the artists, click here.


Quick Q’s with Scrubs By Sa’Nyia

13 Aug
I can’t lie…I am uber excited to introduce you to Sa’Nyia.
Seriously, she is an inspiration to me! At the age of 12, she already has a beauty empire of facial scrubs. It warms my heart to see young teenage girls running their own businesses.  Baltimore is a place where fashion businesses can rise no matter what age you are.
What inspired you to start your own business? 

My friends wanted me to make them some of my facial scrub. My mom was NOT having it with me making scrubs for them, and not charging for it…especially when she had to buy the oils, sugars, jars, and all of the other ingredients.


One day, mom sat me down, and asked me if I wanted to make scrubs for a profit. I told her yes, might as well since I’m already doing it for free…and I’m enjoying it. So, she gave me some knowledge about websites, profit, branding, learning my target audience, investments, etc.
She gave me a loan of $500, and she even made me pay her back!!!!!!! *laughing* I thought it was so petty, but she explained that in the real world, loans require money back plus interest. Investors invest to always get a share of profits.  With my mom, I have her 10% of my profits to her until it was paid off. No interest. I paid her back in 2 months. Not too shabby!! *pops collar*

What was the first product you made for your business? 
The first product I made for my business is the famous Lemon Cake Scrub! To this day, it’s still our top seller. It really good with clearing dark spots and blemishes.  So for dark areas on the face, dark knees and elbows, the lemon cake scrub is excellent for that.
What has been you top three products you have made so far? 
The top 3 products that I have are:
Lemon Cake scrub
Anti-Cellulite Coffee scrub
Whipped body butter
When you aren’t being a fashion entrepreneur, what do you like to do? 
When I’m not being an entrepreneur,  I love to read,  go online to randomly research stuff (always looking at something different to learn), go out with my mom, watch TV and play video games. I’m a typical kid.
What are your plans for brand in Fall 2015?
My fall branding plans includes taking what I have more seriously. My mom has me enrolled in several branding seminars to learn from some of the most successful people in my area. We are always doing research; always wanting to improve our products.  We plan to add another couple of products to my line. And I will be working closely with brand ambassadors who want to work closely with me to get my product on the store shelves. For now, we are working with building relationships with other small business who would like to retail our products or use our products with their services.
Anything else you like to share? 

I’m honored to do this interview!!! I feel a tiny bit famous!!

Please check me out on IG: @scrubsbysanyia,  and on FB: Scrubs By Sa’Nyia.  I thank you and love all of the support and encouraging words.

Quick Q’s with Patricia Sehar Peerzada

8 Aug
I remember the day I met Patricia Sehar Peerzada at Caprece’s Wear It Out event at the Nancy. She was one of the three local fashion designers showcasing beautifully crafted wearable art. Patricia moved from Washington DC to join the Baltimore fashion scene.
She has already made quite an impact with appearances at the first ever #BOBB and Creative Alliance’s Fashion & Film. If you ever stop by the Bromo Tower, you can see up close the techniques she uses to make her signature Roc The Bloc collection.
What inspired you to pursue fashion design? 
As a child I never liked to wear what anyone else wore so I learned to sew at a very early age. Everyone in my family sewed and my aunt was a children’s wear designer and we always had the latest of fashion because she was in New York .  It sometimes got me laughed at but I didn’t care. I wore what I thought it was amazing.
I always loved clothes and I guess I was influenced by all of the fashion around me. Shopping in Macy’s in New York was a major event!  I started sketching things in junior high and then by high school I started making things for people and myself of course

What was the first item you made?

The first item I made was not of my own design. I was made to sew by hand a little shift dress with French seems.  My grandmother made my cousin and I sew by hand. So I would say my designs have evolved quite a bit although I still keep things very simple. I feel that I have evolved away from typical Eurocentric styling. I have infused ethnocentric styling into my work in a way that makes it so that everyone can wear it and not feel like they’re in a costume.
What has been you top three garments you have made so far? Why? 

Top three garments is a hard question I have made garments that are my favorites but they have not necessarily been what has been the best selling. I guess my top garments though would be the things that I have been making for years and years and years in different configurations. But, they are classic things that have sold and sold and sold. The circle skirt is one of my favorite things to wear although my waist is no longer small enough to really wear it like I would like! But I love that 50’s styling and I have been making circles skirts probably for 40 years. It is still a mainstay of my collections. It will sell well today and will sell tomorrow.

 The tunic and pants which everyone is interestingly just discovering in the mainstream market has been a favorite of mine since college.  In the 70s, I did my senior thesis on the tunic and pants. Then, many years later went to Pakistan and I have been making them, selling them and wearing them ever since.  Even selling them in Nordstrom, where I also sold my third favorite garment, the cape suit.   Top, slim skirt and cape. I have to add a fourth though. My fleece wrap coat which I have been making for the past 10 years has been a favorite of mine and my customers ? I do it in several lengths . It is warm, comfortable and stylish. Also, it good on everyone: wrap coat, cape suit, circle skirt.
What are your plans for fashion brand in Fall 2015?
For Fall 2015, I will be using a warmer cottons  and a lot of natural fibers. I will continue to do my block printing. There will be new versions of my fleece coats will be available. Especially that ravens purple!

Entering the World of Moon Star Adri

2 Aug
Despite having a resume with experience at universities and professional dance companies as a costume designer, Adri Westlake has always been drawn to shiny, sparkly things. It all started with a school project.
“I remember being in middle school and doing a presentation on how to make a necklace from seed beads and coffee beans…that was probably my first piece of jewelry,” Westlake said.

It was nearly five years ago, the secret jewelry designer decided to start her own jewelry brand called Moon Star Adri. The first piece of jewelry she posted for sale was The Valkyrie necklace.

“Since the original design influence of my jewelry was darkly romantic, I wanted to choose something that reminded me of the feminine and elegant aspects of nighttime,” Westlake said.   Also, I’ve always felt connected with the moon and used to love looking up constellations as a child, so it just seemed to fit.”
Moon Star Adri jewelry has evolved over the years with more offerings and more sophistication within her aesthetic. She designs for three types of women: Vintage Darling, Romantic Dreamers and Steampunk Babes. Not sure which one you are? Westlake provides a style quiz on her site for you to figure out what type you may be: www.moonstaradri.com/style-quiz
Some of her best selling items include: Shany earrings, Beyond the Gate necklace, and Simple Spade earrings.
The Shany earrings are hand-hammered sterling silver with graduated Czech beads and Swarovski crystals.  I love them because they really lengthen and balance rounder/squarer faces, and they look amazing with short hair and lobs!
Beyond the Gate is such a wonderfully romantic daytime necklace – I was heavily influenced by the book The Secret Garden when I designed it.  I love the mixture of black metal, cathedral beads, and resin flowers.
The Simple Spade earrings are created using sterling silver wire.  These earrings are a modern interpretation of traditional Norwegian Sølje jewelry.  I love that they are so easily customized by using different colors of Swarovski crystal accents.
For Fall 2015, Westlake is finalizing a collection of Art Nouveau-inspired pieces that will work well with the 70/s revival. When she isn’t thinking about her next design, she is always keeping herself busy.
“I have a lot of interests, so there’s never a dull moment,” Westlake said. You can find me working out as a part of No Excuse Moms Jessup, studying Japanese, planning events for my children’s PTA or helping other female creative business owners set as well as achieve their goals through business coaching.”

Quick Q’s with Sharon Neal of Boho Designs

25 Jul
Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to interview John Tilley of SINJIN. After the interview, he asked me if I knew of Boho Designs, a local jewelry designer he often collaborates for photoshoots as well as fashion shows.  Of course, I had been introduced to Boho Designs during my days of covering events for Raw Baltimore.
John helped me make the connection with Sharon Neal.  With over 30 years, Sharon along with her business partner are the masterminds behind Boho Designs. It’s a brand that infuses bohemian style with ethic influences that work perfectly with John Tilley’s garments.
When did you realize you wanted to venture into jewelry design?
“Jewelry designing for me started when I was about 10 or 11 years old,” Neal said.  I  was stringing beads in my Dad’s Art class that he taught in the community.”
What inspired you to create Boho Designs?
“Boho Designs (Beauty of Handcrafted Originals) started in 2008 when I was showing my nephew how to create jewelry instead of    purchasing a mass produced piece from the store,” Neal said.  He caught on very fast so we decided to make and sell jewelry.”
What was the first piece of jewelry you made for your business? How has your designs evolved since your first piece?
“The pieces that I created were simple headed earrings,” Neal said.  Now I created eclectic necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. I have bottom more intricate with my designs.”
Where do you get your design inspiration from? 
“My inspiration for some of my designs come from African Art influences with eclectic, bohemian vibes,” Neal said.
Anything else you like to share?
“I just wanted to add entrenuership takes passion,” Neal said. You must really want to put in the time to drive your business. I do it for the love of the art of Boho Designs.”
Find out more about Boho Designs here: https://www.facebook.com/bohodesignsboutique

Boulevard of Chic Returns August 15

25 Jul

Boulevard of Chic (BOC) is back in August!


August 15: Boulevard of Chic VI – Fashionably Loud at the Horseshoe Casino


Jam out to 12 local DJ’s & Headliner, DJ Gazzo for the DMV DJ Mixathon by HeidnSeek Entertainment at the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore Plaza, while you eat, drink, & shop at the Boulevard of Chic Fashion Truck Rally by Media Star Promotions. *Should you want to get some AC, more dining, gaming & entertainment options are conveniently inside.

-DJ’s play the plaza in a friendly competition for the Judge’s & Popular Vote prizes.
-BLVD of Chic Fashion Truck element brings retail to Horseshoe Casino! Shop some of Baltimore’s best mobile boutiques & pop-up shops.
DJ Winners Announced
-DJ Gazzo Headlines 



Complimentary registration w/ Eventbrite RSVP


*MUST BE 21 Years old and older to attend this event! 



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