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Charm of the Week: Yummy & Company

21 Jun

In one of the most unique and creative neighborhoods in Baltimore aka Hampden, Jennifer Wilfong makes beautiful jewelry for her line,  Yummy & Company.

Make sure you check out this weekend at annual event, Pile of Craft!

Top 3 Things I LOVE at Yummy & Company

(Photo from Yummy & Company).

(Photo from Yummy & Company).

(Photo from Yummy & Company).

Ms. Charm’s Chic Eye Candy: ARTSCAPE 2010

19 Jul


Model in a dress from Studio 2113 boutique (Photo by Paulette Wilson)


For many Baltimoreans, the most wonderful time of any year is Artscape.

You get to walk by miles of vendors like A People United and Red Prairie Press.

You get to see musicians that are locally known and nationally known playing in one place (Shook rocked the stage and the guys looked sexy doing it).

You get to see that Baltimore will always be a community filled with artists.

Of course, I was at Artscape to explore the fashionable side of the festival.

Fashion at Artscape Contest

I could not wait for the third day of Artscape because I was dying to see if Karen Garalde would win the second annual Fashion at Artscape competition.

When I arrived for the event, there was a crowd of photographers standing at the end of the runway and there was no way I could see through them. So, I crawled under the photographers and found a spot near the runway. Here’s my gift to my readers:

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3 Quick Q’s: Jennifer Wilfong of Yummy & Company

13 Jul

Yummy and Company Ruffle Ring (Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Wilfong)

Jennifer Wilfong’s days used to be filled with large canvas and presentations at art galleries.

Two years ago, she decided to it was time to make her art into a brand.

Wilfong thought about a word she often used and added on a word to create a brand name.

“Yummy is one of my favorite words,” Wilfong said. “I use it to describe things that I love and get excited about.  ‘& Company’ was added to incorporate the fact that my business is often inspired and encouraged by those around me. I am often helped by my family, friends, and the amazingly creative community here in Baltimore.”

Yummy & Company is a collection of jewelry, fine art, and apparel that are inspired by nature’s different textures and surfaces.

This week, Wilfong will be at DIY at Artscape.  I had the pleasure of asking her about her favorite pieces, her workspace, and her love for show season.

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