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Pile of Craft 2012 is June 16!

13 Jun

Pile of Craft is an indie/alternative craft fair held in June each year, organized by Baltimore’s own CHARM CITY CRAFT MAFIA.

With over 45 vendors selling their own hand-made wares out of  St. Johns Church located at 2640 St. Paul Street from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

It’s  one of the most exciting and unique shopping and arts events of the year. Yes, it’s free admission.

Some of Baltimore’s beloved food trucks are on hand to keep us fueled, as well as coffee provided by Red Emma’s Coffeehouse.

More info here:

Charms of the Month: Crafty Locals Edition

4 Apr

April is all about SUSTAINABILITY!

What’s more substainable than shopping at local shops that make their products in Maryland?!

Red Prairie Press collaborates with Julie Bent for A-Line Skirt Line

Rachel Bone, the mastermind behind Red Prairie Press, has collaborated with Baltimore fashion designer and fellow Fashion Awards MD nominee, Julie Bent to create a limited edition A-line skirt line. Julie Bent and Rachel Bone worked together through the process of pattern making, consulting, sourcing, and production.

Photo from Red Prairie Press.

The skirts are now available online. Be sure to hurry because there is a limited supply:

Two Back Flats Spring/Summer 2012 Headpieces

The stylish Jasika of Two Back Flats will be adding  new hats, wreaths and fascinators to their shop daily for the next week or two.  If you need a pretty hat or accessory for an upcoming wedding or special occasion be sure to check out Two Back Flat’s shop

Photography by: Vanity's Edge Design

Whichgoose Launches a New Website

Emily of Whichgoose (lovin’ your new pink bangs by the way) has a cool new website for her natural inspired accessories!  Just click on Also, enter “GRANDOPENING” at checkout to get 20 percent off your purchase when shopping on the new website for a limited time. 

Photo from Whichgoose.

New Products at Yummy & Company, Marian Ruth, and Mineral Love

Jennifer of Yummy & Company is always exploring new ways to showcase her art of making chic jewelry. For Fall 2011, she experimented with hair pins and I brought one of them at Artscape 2011.  For Spring/Summer 2012, she has two collections: Timeless Collection and Field Notes Collection.

Guess what, some of her jewelry is now available at the Fells Point jewelry shop, .925 The Silver Shop.

A piece from the Timeless Collection.

Indigo of Marian Ruth is known for bags, scarves, and hats made by hand with soft acrylic yard.  Did you know that she makes pillow sets, too? Take a look at her  collection here. 

Photo from Mariah Ruth.

Photo from Mariah Ruth.

The lovely Tricia of Mineral Love makes  handmade, vegan friendly cosmetics. You can find  eyeshadows, blushes, oil-absorbing powders, lip glosses and more in her online shop. If you like bold make-up, you should check out the Wee Heart Eyelashes.

Photo from Mineral Love.

A Fun DIY from Kolleen of Design by Night

I was at a Junior League of  Baltimore event the first time I met Kolleen Kilduff. Her line of handmade feather and flower accessories are perfect for special occasions or every day wear. One of the things I love about Kolleen’s blog is that she always inspires her reader’s to get crafty with her easy to follow DIY project. 

Photo by Sean Scheidt

Peep her newest project here:

Q and A with Juliet Ames of The Broken Plate Pendant Co.

7 Mar

After graduating from Towson University, Juliet Ames found herself working at a local arts council. Ames became bored being behind a desk.

The Baltimore crafter wanted to make art all day just like the resident artists she would see on a daily basis. Ames decided it was time to explore her inner artsy self.

“Six months after my last college project, I decided to try my hand at a mosaic and was left with a pile of unused plate shards,”Ames said. “I wrapped one in solder, hung it from my neck and wore it to work. I started to get orders that same day. I’ve been breaking plates ever since. A few months later, I was talked into doing my first craft show. It was a huge success and I put in my 2 weeks notice at the arts council.”

(Photo from The Broken Plate Co. Etsy).


Since leaving her day job, Ames has created her own business, The Broken Plate Pendant Co. However, the plate breaking business woman never thought she would be breaking stuff for a living.

“Never crossed my mind,” Ames said. “I am too practical to think that I would ever get to make stuff for a living. I did art in college to satisfy my creative bug and to get a degree. I went into the non-profit world to have a practical post college job, but that only lasted a year. I was really lucky to stumble upon my niche so soon.”

(Photo from The Broken Plate Co. Etsy).

What do you love about being a BEST member?

Being a BEST member has been amazing. You could not ask for a better support system. It is not as easy as it sounds to work from home alone all day, but knowing that these wonderful women are only a click away makes things a lot easier. As an added bonus, I don’t think I could have made it through the terrible twos with my son without their sage advice.

Besides working on The Broken Plate Pendant Co. , you have a cool line Mutha Crafter. When did you start that? How important do you think it is to encourage children to be crafty and embrace the arts?

I started that idea when I got pregnant with my son. I was cranky and pregnant while doing a craft show when I mumbled to my neighbor, “I am the craftiest chick here, I am making a baby!”

(Photo from The Broken Plate Co. Etsy).

At the next craft show, I hand painted a shirt that said “I’m so crafty, I make people” and everyone got a huge laugh and asked me to make one. The rest is history. I think it is SO important for kids to be crafty, heck, they are craftier than any of us. I think that is what is most important is to somehow teach kids not to lose that creativity when they get older.

Who has been one of your most memorable costumers? What are some of your favorite pieces you have done so far?

Oh man, I have some great customers. I love working with brides to find the perfect plate to break for their wedding. Some of my favorites jobs, though, come from customers who have been holding onto the shards of a plate that belonged to their grandmothers or other family members who are no longer with them.

(Photo from The Broken Plate Co. Etsy).

It feels really good to be able to make something for them that helps keep the memory of a family member alive. Another fond memory was working with plates that were broken in Hurricane Katrina and plates that survived a house fire. Defiantly never thought about these things before starting this endeavor.

(Photo from The Broken Plate Co. Etsy).

I love the idea of taking something that is broken and making it new. How do people react to your items at craft shows? Are they surprised that the pieces are made by broken plates?

People at craft shows are funny. I always get one of two reactions when I tell them that my work is made from broken plates. They either say “Wow!?! Really??” or “I know.”

So many people come to my booth to tell me that they broke a plate a long time ago and saved the shards in a box to do a project with them some day. They are relieved to meet me and know there is someone to send them to.

Weekend Catwalk: Holiday Heap, Merry Mart, & Urban Chic Holiday Coat Drive

3 Dec

Woo hoo! It’s almost time for Baltimore Etsy’s Holiday Heap!

On Saturday, December 4 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Baltimore crafts will be at 2640 St Paul Street, Baltimore MD 21218, inside St John’s Church.

Crafters from Charm City and beyond will showcase their goodies for a huge crowd of crafty lovers to buy.

Who will be there:

Sweet Pepita

Spaghetti Kiss

Red Prairie Press

Pistol Stitched

Beth Pohlman

The Broken Plate Pendant Company

Elisa Shere Jewelry

Tigerlilly Shop

To view more vendors, visit the Holiday Heap page NOW.

Of course, you know that Holiday Heap is happening on Saturday, December 4. How about making your whole weekend crafty?

On Sunday, December 5, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Creative Alliance at the Patterson located at 3134 Eastern Ave., Baltimore, MD, 2122 presents Merry Mart.

Every gift you purchase is made in Charm City. Jen Menkhaus and Allison Fomich of TigerLilly Shop will host an amazing show with clothing, handbags, felt accessories, ceramics, soaps, kids’ toys, mixed media, jewelry, and great art.

Indie crafters from the Charm City Craft Mafia, the Baltimore Etsy Street Team (BEST), Highlandtown refugees, CA staff, artists and more from across Bmore.

Read more about the crafters and designers participating at Merry Mart on their blog.

Urban Chic Holiday Coat Drive

Now until December 8, Urban Chic is having a holiday coat drive.

How does it work?

Drop off a gently used coat at your local Urban Chic and receive 20 percent off of one item.

You can continue to save 15 percent off per item with each addition coat donation.

All coats will be donated to The Women’s Housing Coalition.

3 Quick Q’s: Jennifer Wilfong of Yummy & Company

13 Jul

Yummy and Company Ruffle Ring (Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Wilfong)

Jennifer Wilfong’s days used to be filled with large canvas and presentations at art galleries.

Two years ago, she decided to it was time to make her art into a brand.

Wilfong thought about a word she often used and added on a word to create a brand name.

“Yummy is one of my favorite words,” Wilfong said. “I use it to describe things that I love and get excited about.  ‘& Company’ was added to incorporate the fact that my business is often inspired and encouraged by those around me. I am often helped by my family, friends, and the amazingly creative community here in Baltimore.”

Yummy & Company is a collection of jewelry, fine art, and apparel that are inspired by nature’s different textures and surfaces.

This week, Wilfong will be at DIY at Artscape.  I had the pleasure of asking her about her favorite pieces, her workspace, and her love for show season.

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