MODEL CHIC FILES: Jasmine C. Green of MARZ Management and Consulting Enterprise LLC

Who doesn’t love to watch America’s Next Top Model? Okay, maybe when Tyra Banks was the host. No shade to Rita Ora. When Jasmine C. Green was younger, she was obsessed with this TV show and watched it with her mother.

“While we’re watching the show, she would always tell me ‘Your dreams are out of this world and you can become any and everything that you put your mind to.’ “Green said. Her keeping me motivated with this positive mindset ignited this excitement to not wait on my dreams. So, I took it and ran with it.”

MARZ Enterprise LLC was found on January 16, 2016. It was launched to the public on May 19, 2016.

“Since I was younger, my mom has been one of the main people in my life I’ve looked up to,” Green said.  I always known my mom to have a great sense of style and she even did a little modeling back in the day. The constant inspiration that I gained from this strong woman is what lead me to name my business after her. My mom’s name is Marzetta so this is where “MARZ” was birthed from.”

The MARZ CEO created her business as a way to represent and give models of color more opportunities. MARZ Enterprise LLC just launched our first look book for 2017. It’s a harmonious complication featuring creative individuals in the Baltimore fashion scene like Freda Mohr and Khemistry. You can purchase one via PayPal.


” I can’t spill all the teas yet but I will say what I want to do is make sure the MARZ girls broaden their horizons,” Green said. This involves getting a lot of exposure through traveling at events, magazine shoots, fashion shows and etc. We’ll definitely be doing a lot of traveling over the summer up and down the East Coast. My team will be working to constantly build that brand and network for MARZ.”

Green believes that the Baltimore fashion scene is on the verge of taking over in 2017.

“There are so many talented and fashionably gifted people here in this area,” Green said. Often it’s not always recognized. I set out to try to be that liaisons for it and bring it to light.”