Designer to Watch 2017: Aeren Waters

We all have many roles in our lives. Some of us are mothers. Some of us are bench scientist. Some of us are creative directors of a brand. Wonder if you were all three. Nerea Gibson balances all these roles on a daily basis.


“I was looking for a sustained creative outlet, as a working mom,” Gibson said. So I decided to dive into learning proper sewing techniques. After I started, I realized I wanted to do this, as more than just a hobby.”


Now, Aeren Waters, a handmade accessories design house is making impact in the Baltimore fashion scene. But. this fashion business started with a floral clutch made with oilcloth.


“I enjoyed putting it together, especially the finishing touches, like decorative stitches,” Gibson said. That was when I realized I wanted my pieces to have an unexpected, but eye-catching, aesthetic to them. I think I wanted all my accessory pieces to shout “Look at me!” with vivid colors and outstanding shapes. Although I still play around with color and shape, their looks are more minimalistic.”


Last year, the fashion design house began being carried at Mt. Vernon boutique, QuiPiece.


“My exposure to the [Baltimore] fashion scene is a recent one,” Gibson said. But thus far, my experience has shown me that folks appreciate and celebrate individuality and risk-taking within fashion. I can definitely respect the drive of those who want to put Baltimore on the map for fashion influence.”


Aside from getting her innovative designs in an emerging Charm City boutique, Gibson wants to expand the service side of her business by providing fashion designers with manufacturing and patternmaking services through workshops catering to fashion design.



“What I envisioned Aeren Waters to be, initially, has shifted greatly over the years,” Gibson. I believe it will continue to change and I’m excited about that. I also hope to expand the philanthropic arm of the business, especially helping within marginalized communities.”


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