LOCAL CHIC FILES 2017: Mess In A Bottle

It was at the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan when Kalilah Wright made the decision to stand out in the crowd. While everyone around her was majoring in fashion design, she took on a different path to major in architecture. From there, she graduated from Penn State University receiving a Bachelors of Art in Architecture and furthered her education at Morgan State University receiving a Master of Architecture. Her love for fashion was still lingering and soon would be put into the forefront.


“I started a small custom baby furniture company Lilinash and I began to do apparel to help finance Lilinash,” Wright said. I enjoyed doing apparel and it was a faster turnaround time, so I ran with it. People loved the t-shirts I was designer. I began to explore the t-shirt market more and I realized people lived graphic, simple, worded tees. This inspired me to start Mess in a Bottle. We created t-shirts with messages that allowed and individual to say what they wanted without saying anything at all.”


Mess in a Bottle is versatile T-shirt company that often take inspiration from popular culture and current events with humorous or attention getting angle.  The line consists of T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, bathing suits, pillows and pins.

“A graphic tee is everything,” Wright said. You can wear them to business meetings, out leisurely, etc. I would refer to my personal style as “simple chic”. I love simple, yet making sure the details are extraordinary.”

The Brooklyn raised clothing company owner is calling 2017 the year of the #glowup.


“I am slowly revamping our website a bit and I am looking forward to expanding our business,” Wright said. I can’t wait to implement what I’ve gained from 2016 into 2017.”


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