LOCAL CHIC FILES 2017: The MusicHead Collection

Music is a constant in so many people’s lives. If you are feeling happy, there’s a song for that. If you are feeling sad, there’s a song for that. If you are feeling any way in between, there’s a song for that. The power of music is something we all can relate to.


“My career began in human resources but it was my passion for music that sparked my entrepreneurial journey,” Leticia Thomas said. I began a music blog, Chasing Soul, as a way to share my musical experiences.  I didn’t have my sights on becoming an entrepreneur but a chance meeting at a concert set things in motion. Next, I co-founded a digital media firm, Organic Fusion Media where I worked with artists and entertainment brands to develop digital media strategies. Music was always in the forefront of my journey, so the vision to launch The Musichead Collection was just a natural part of my evolution.”


The Musichead Collection is a shop filled with bold graphic tees and decor that embody the appreciation of music.


“Simply, I started my business because I was looking for something to wear to a concert that was feminine, comfortable, and expressed my love for music,” Thomas said.  After searching online and not finding exactly I was looking for, the idea to create my own brand was born.”


Some of her trademark designs include: “Music is Bae”, “Funk You!”, “Obsessed Over Music” and “Under the Influence of Good Music”. In 2017, Thomas looks forward to continued growth, new design releases and connecting with more musicheads.


I’ll close with my favorite music quote by Ray Charles: “Music to me is like breathing – I don’t get tired of breathing, I don’t get tired of music,” Thomas said.  That quote sums up my feelings on music and the inspiration to create The Musichead Collection. Ultimately, my mission is to celebrate music through fashion.”