LOCAL CHIC FILES 2017: Eirene’s Closet

It was in middle school that Kendria Wynn gained a strong interest in fashion. She learned how to sew. She started to print out images of designer clothing and create outfit collages with the printouts.


“Basically a primitive version of Polyvore – so old school,” Wynn said. This was also the same year the TV show, Project Runaway premiered. I was so amazed by the show and witnessing the contestants creating clothing. The obsession with fashion stuck with me throughout middle and high school. At age 16, I had received an early acceptance into a well-known and respected fashion institute, but ultimately decided it was too financially risky at the time.”


A few years ago, she launched her online business Eirene’s Closet to get back into fashion. With a love of vintage finds and redesigning denim, her boutique became a 90s lover dream.


“You didn’t really see the vintage 90s high waisted denim at fast fashion retailers,” Wynn said. So, this is when I started what I like to call “upcycled redesigned”, I would buy vintage jeans and redesign them into distressed, studded shorts. To clarify, upcycling refers to repurposing an original article of clothing into something new, and redesigns usually still resemble the original state of the item with slight alteration or additional design elements.”


Three years ago, the owner of Eirene’s Closet had to take a hiatus from her business due to chronic illness. The relaunch of her business in 2016 inspired her to open a sister shop, Eirene’s Heart.


“[It] focuses on creating wellness and awareness items for women like myself who live with chronic illnesses,” Wynn said.  I plan to launch a series of awareness bracelets and allow customers to donate 10 percent of their purchase to the nonprofit organization of their choice. As well as, continue to create box sets filled with wellness items.”


Wynn is managing two businesses effortlessly. Eirene’s Closet pieces are sophisticated, bohemian and urban. As the year continues, she hopes to make more jewelry and challenge herself with new techniques.