LOCAL CHIC FILES 2017: Se. Henna

Age ain’t nothing but a number when it comes to entrepreneurship in Charm City.  Scrubs by Sa’Niya, a natural body scrubs line created by teenprenuer Sa’Niya. Princess M Cosmetics, a line of vegan nail polish and lippies created by Madison Poole. Let me introduce you to Seneha Speaks, the owner of Se. Henna, a henna art business.


“I am 16 and I attend Carver Center A&T, “Speaks said. My major at Carver is carpentry and I am the only girl in the class of 2018. Also, I teach children karate during the week.”

Even with this busy schedule, this teenager finds time to run her business whether she is at OverAccessorized or hosting a henna party. A couple of years ago, she started Se. Henna. Her inspiration comes from her parents. Her mother is of Indian decent. Her father is African American. Learning the artistry of henna was a way to learn more about her culture and heritage.


“I fell in love with henna because it calms me down,” Speaks said. It’s like meditation for me and I truly enjoy what I do.”


If there is one thing that Seneha has in common with all the top teen entrepreneurs in Baltimore, she is a member of Diamondz in the Ruff.  



This year, the young henna artist has plans to do henna crowns for cancer patients and find other ways to give back to the community with her talents. Also, she plans to collaborate with her best friend and fellow teen business owner, Dejah of Dejah’s Delights. We all look forward to seeing what Seneha does in years to come.