Where Are They NOW? Series 2017: Elisa Wells 

I am more than grateful to have had the opportunity to work with and just get to know Elisa Wells. She gave me so many opportunities that helped me expand my blog in more ways than one. And,  she gave me confidence as a blogger. From being a media sponsor to covering various RAW Baltimore events to just talking to her about life….she has been a constant positive influence in my life. Before I start crying…

It was on June 15, 2012 that RAW Baltimore debuted and of course, I was there. 

1. What was your first impression of the blog as well as me?

I actually met you in person before I had the opportunity to check out your blog honestly. You attended one of the first RAW Baltimore showcases I had produced. I was so new to multi genre event production at the time, quite the nervous nelly! It was nice to meet someone who was as enthusiastic about creatives in Baltimore as I was. I thought you were super sweet, confident, and although you seemed soft spoken you spoke very passionately about the local fashion scene here in Baltimore. Following our first interaction I did get to read your blog, I’ve been visiting it since…well, when I’m not chasing a 2.5 year old.

It seems to me the blog is a direct reflection of your love, respect, and admiration for fashion, more specifically Baltimore fashion. I relate to that, I really appreciate it too.

2. How have you evolved since your interview from 2012?

Parenthood, lol, I’d have to say that’s a pretty substantial evolution, but career wise? Well,  RAW Natural Born Artists/ RAW Baltimore gave me the opportunity, it cultivated an ambition in me to connect with the Baltimore Arts Community.

Not only make connections but how to nurture those connections, to be respectful of the artists I work with. I wanted to move the RAW Baltimore events to a place where I felt it made the most sense, since it was a multi genre art event, Creative Alliance felt like the best fit. So it was the venue I set my sights on.

After the first two RAW Baltimore showcases I hosted with Creative Alliance, I was offered a position with them. I’ve been there ever since. The Creative Alliance has been a great place for me to continue gaining professional experience regarding community arts, what it takes to run a non profit organization, while also allowing me to time to be with my son.

3. What are you up to now? What is the next big project or when is your next big event?

Ideally I’d like to finish my Masters in Business of Art and Design with MICA by December of 2017 so I’ve begun the process to get that underway. When it’s all said in done I hope to either launch my own art related business or use my knowledge and experience to further grow an established arts organization.

I’m painting again, making my own work for the first time in almost 4 years so I’m very happy about that. I’d like to have enough work to exhibit locally at some point within the year. I want to reconnect with the art scene in Baltimore more than ever. I’m ready to work full time again.

4. Why do you like about Ms. Charm’s Chic?

I like that it reflects you as a person, it’s like talking fashion with a friend. The blog is inviting, doesn’t feel pretentious or fussy. You acknowledge and highlight a lot of great talent in the fashion scene here. I tell you, if I was still RAW Baltimore director,  I would come to your blog as a resource for new up and coming talent that could be potential showcase artists.