LOCAL CHIC FILES: Sidity Glamour

Have you heard of Sidity Glamour?


From getting her first sewing machine at age 8 to attending Miami International Institute of Art and Design to further her studies in design, Yunique Jackson is building a fashion empire. It was 7 years ago when the Baltimore based designer decided to put a name on her designs.


“Over the years, I struggled to find a brand name that fully represented my design aesthetic,” Jackson said. Until winter 2009, it kind of hit me that I design for that glamour, chic lady who likes to have a little edge and sex appeal. My goal is to create timeless pieces that you’ll always love to wear. I want to be everyone’s favorite designer.”


The Sidity Glamour line is filled with her signature pieces including the open caged crop shirt, glam choker, vixen dress and baddie crop top. She has come a long way since her first fitted white lace dress with a chiffon overlay.


“Over time I’ve definitely refined my craft and the flawlessness of each piece I create definitely improves,” Jackson said. Coming up with a new design for me is almost as simple as seeing a really cool color story and the idea pops in my head. Once I have the idea I have to get it on paper or my iPad that I always keep on me to sketch out my thoughts.”


When she isn’t designing, she is a lover of makeup. The Sidity Glamour designer even built her own vanity table with lights/mirrors to showcase her ever growing makeup collection.  Aside from that, the Baltimore fashion designer is focusing on expanding her brand.


“I’m all about just getting out there,” Jackson said. With my brand still growing, I just want to reach more people and make more women look beautiful. I’m featuring my collection in fashion show for the very first time this summer and I’m very excited for this.  I’m also working on building a website to hopefully launch before the new year.”