On my first stop of my #TCCFA Relaunch Tour at OverAccessorized, I instantly fell in love with one vendor’s table filled with bohemian inspired accessories. The name of the vendor’s table was OutSasD. Tiffany Timmons, the creative director OutSasD accessories, is a 26 year old mom and an entrepreneur to a few other businesses.


“An OutSasD woman exudes confidence, she is sophisticated, and elegant, with the right amount of “Sass,” Timmons said.


What inspired you to start your online boutique? 


My love for accessories inspired me to start my own business. When it was time to go out, my sisters and friends always raided my room for accessories,” Timmons said. Like Always! It was so fun showing them how their outfit could go from cute to super cute, just by adding accessories. I mean “What’s an outfit without accessories anyway? -Boring…” I’m a Pisces and we are dreamers by nature, so the mere fact that I could potentially reach millions of people all around the world, was fascinating and was a no brainer when it came to deciding to put my business online.”



What do you look for when looking for new pieces for your online boutique? 


“When I look for new pieces for my online shop, I look for items that are a combination of unique and fashion forward,” Timmons said. I hand pick every item. My goal is to stay in demand, so I leave an open line of communication with my customers and social media followers, which also plays a role in my item selection.”

When you aren’t coming up with a new item for your line, what do you like to do?  
I actually have two online businesses, OutSasD  and  also provide residential and business services through my website Tiffanytimmons.acndirect.com, “ Timmons said. Most importantly, I am a mom of two (ages 7 and 3). When I am not working on OutSasD, I’m playing dress up, watching a princess fashion show or becoming a human jungle gym.”



What are your plans for your brand in Summer 2016? 

I have a lot of plans in store for my brand this summer,” Timmons said.  One being the actual opening of my first physically location.  I am in the process of working out the details, so be sure to expect updates really soon. Also, I will be working on getting my very own jewelry designs manufactured, which I’m very excited about. You can also subscribe to my mailing list or follow OutSasD on all social media outlets @Outsasd to stay updated with the many pop up shops I have scheduled from now throughout the summer.”


Anything else you like to share?

“Be your best, give your best, OutSass The World”