What does it mean to live against all odds? Nikki Bracy of Jewel Posse knows this all too well.


At age 9, she was diagnosed with cancer. Jewelry making became a source of therapeutic bliss. It helped her get through her first and second battle with the disease. Through it all, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and in Theatre from Penn State University. Also, she earned a Masters of Arts in Management from Wake Forest University.


“18 years later, I’m still at it and now I am selling some of my work,” Bracy said.  Ironically, I was diagnosed with cancer for the third time while I was in the process of launching Jewel Posse — so jewelry making has always been a great way to keep me focused and moving forward in a positive way. And I am happy to say, I am once again in remission.”



Jewel Posse was birthed through her first piece called Beanie VeilIt’s a mash-up of casual and chic. But, she decided to take her designs into a different direction.


“I am always trying to learn my craft,” Bracy said. So, I take jewelry making classes to learn new techniques and perfect my skills. Today, I focus a lot more on metalworking rather than fabric and sewing.”


Some of her signature pieces include her Zipper Earrings and her custom Bands and Midi Rings. Jewel Posse offers women, who value exclusivity in their personal style, the opportunity to own unique pieces that are produced at limited quantities.


“I created Jewel Posse because I felt like the jewelry and accessories game was becoming really standard and predictable,” Bracy said.  You could find the same or very similar pieces at every major department store or boutique in the area. I try to make unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else and I only make a select number of each piece so that women who shop Jewel Posse know they’re buying something that is just for them.”

The Jewel Posse creator loves connecting with her followers on social media whether it’s through Instagram or SnapChat (@jewelposse). She is always on the search for models and fashionistas to be brand ambassadors.  The 27-year-old public relations professional and accessories designer is making it her main priority to build awareness about her brand.
“Up until now I’ve focused mainly on online selling. But, I want to get out in the community more and start selling at festivals as well as events,” Bracy said.  I also hope to launch some new pieces for the summer.”



*Looking for new brand ambassadors — models and fashionistas with a large Instagram following — to wear and promote my pieces on their social networks. So if you’re reading this and you’re interested, email me at info@jewelposse.com.