For a few years, Lindsey Brown has been honestly my top Instagram friend. It was beyond cool to finally meet in person in 2015 at Christopher Schafer’s 5 Year anniversary party. Ms. Brown is the fabulous curator behind the boutique, A Day N June. Today marks this boutique’s first anniversary!


What made you want to start A Day N June? 
A Day N June was started to promote individuality and the freedom of fashion.
What were you doing before you started A Day N June? 
Before I launched my site I was working in retail management , corporate mall stores like Nordstrom , Anthropologie , Francesca’s and etc.


When choosing items for A Day N June boutique, what fashion icons are you inspired by? Why? 
The buying process for me is the hardest because I see a vision with every piece and I just want to buy it all! My inspiration comes from everyone everyday really. Sometimes it’s just a girl in a coffee shop that inspires a new look I want to display. Although Solange and Ciara have been giving me life lately!

How would you describe the Baltimore fashion scene? What is something you like to see improved in the Baltimore fashion scene? 
The Baltimore fashion scene to me is conscious.  I’d like to see more freedom in the Baltimore fashion scene. I’d like to see more thoughtless looks , sometimes people think to much and it shows , instead of just going off of what you feel and creating a look that represents you that day in that moment.

What are your plans for your brand in Summer 2016? 
I plan on expanding the brand , doing more pop up shops , and start looking for maybe even a small retail space to call home! I am excited for this summer!




Anything else you like to share?  

*I am looking for models in the Baltimore area!! It’s shooting season and we have lots of new pieces!! If your interested in modeling for us please email me with your sizes and IG information for further consideration. Adaynjuneboutique@gmail.com
* I am in the process of creating a publication for Black / Brown Creatives in Baltimore entitled Color.Couture.Culture : The Project . I’d like to get as many creatives involved as possible!! The purpose of this is to celebrate the amazing talents , beauty , & work of our black / brown community in this great city!! Email me at color.couture.culture@gmail.com for more information on how to be apart of this dope project!!