Ms. Charm’s Chic Exclusive: Khemistry

When your mother is a passionate make-up artist with MAC Cosmetics and Estee Lauder on her resume, you are going to fall in love with the world of beauty or fashion.

“I fell in love with fashion at a very young age when I first was able to dress myself,” Kirby said. I would often cut up jeans to make them more stylish or bedazzle clothing also. I have evolved tremendously since my first piece. For one, I’ve learned how to sew. I can pretty much make or learn to make anything I put my mind, too. ”



The mother and daughter team of Tonya Turnage and Katrease Kirby created Elite Secrets, a business that provides women with a make-over from face to body. Turnage does makeup incorporating the latest trends and techniques in beauty. Kibry creates one of kind fashions.


“Something has to inspire me such as a picture in a magazine or graffiti I pass while driving,” Kirby said. Something about it sparks my attention. I don’t sketch as much as I should. When I have something in mind, I believe I start with color, fabric or print. I take notes on what elements I would like to include in the design. For instance, for a dress, maybe I want a train or plunging neckline, things like that. I just make sure I incorporate those small details and go from there. The vision in my head eventually becomes a sketch unless I decide to drape directly on my mannequin. This process is very important and crucial to coming up with a unique design to reflect my brand.”

Aside from building a business with her mother, Kirby is an avid participant in the Baltimore fashion scene. She has been featured in Towson University’s MODELZ OF DISTINCTION fashion show and other fashion showcases in Charm City. Her designs have been featured in Flawless Damsels boutique.


“My Flawless Damsels collaboration actually came with the help of my mom,” Kirby said. She actually introduced me to Taylor. We follow each other on social media, but never formally met. It was a great experience meeting her. I actually urged my mom to reach out to Taylor after I heard what happened to her store during the Baltimore riots. Her grind is similar to mine so she has always interested me. It was meant to be, I guess. I love everything the boutique sells, in addition to amazing customer service.”


What is Khemistry? It’s a fashion brand about confidence and not being afraid to explore your inner sultry self. Kirby is an emerging Charm City fashion designer that you should keep your eye on.

“My plans for every year are always the same, do better and be in a better position than I was the previous year,” Kirby said. So, it’s about growth! I want to get closer to God and build my website definitely. And, I’ve branched off into photography.”


“One thing I would like to share with young entrepreneurs, especially females, is never give up and trust God! Faith is real. Faith really will move mountains. My business is a living testimony. But, believe in your vision and trust in yourself, even if others don’t see it. Trust yourself and take the first step. God will guide the others. And it’s OK to do it alone. Make your own money so you have your own to bring to the table.” – Katrease Kirby , CEO of Khemistry LLC