Ms. Charm’s Chic Exclusive: Freda Mohr

1. What was the first piece you made?

The first piece of jewelry I ever made was a beaded chain necklace – as in, I beaded circular tubes and linked them together. I had been learning a particular kind of bead weaving stitch and decided to go big (as I usually do) with my first design. It took much longer to make than I had anticipated (it always does), and I kept running out of beads and having to buy more. It is called the Birthday Necklace, because I wanted to wear it for my birthday. I can’t remember if I actually finished it in time.



2.How has your designs evolved since your first piece?

Now my designs also incorporate lace that I crochet myself, sometimes some metal smithing, and I also know how to make files for having laser cut pieces.

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3. When you aren’t coming up with a new item for your line, what do you like to do?

Way too much! It depends on my mood. Sometimes I veg out completely and play ridiculous phone app games, or read. Sometimes I go out dancing. I also write, and once upon a time I was a performance artist. I make other stuff besides jewelry, so I also spend a bit of time just learning other techniques for whatever it is I am obsessed with at the time.
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4. How would you describe the Baltimore fashion scene? What is something you like to see improved in the Baltimore fashion scene? What are your fave boutiques in Baltimore and why?

To be honest, I feel like I am just beginning to dip my toe into the waters of the Baltimore fashion scene. From what I’ve seen, it seems diverse, and perhaps is still budding. I really would love if there was more crossover between the fashion scene and the other creative communities. I know there is some, but from my limited knowledge, it still seems pretty separate.


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5.What are your plans for your brand in 2016? What is your top three fave new items for 2016 and why?

My immediate plans are to focus on making single pieces instead of making a quantity of smaller things. I will still do limited runs of popular designs that I still enjoy, but I’m clearing out my stock of basic items that don’t really highlight my skills. Because I’m still in the planning part of creating for 2016, I will vaguely answer about my top three faves: 1) I will be combining metal smithing and lace making, which excites me so much! 2) I’ve been very attracted to body jewelry, halters, and bondage jewelry, so I will hopefully be expanding the kinds of pieces I make. 3) I really need to make good on creating decor pieces – I have some prototypes that need finishing, and a few more that need to be created.


I had to spend quite a bit of time in the past couple of years just figuring out the best way to proceed, so I’m in a transitional period. I’ve figured out the “what”, and a lot of the “how”, and now I need to implement a ton of schemes to get everything together. Documentation is very important and I have a lot of room for growth in that area. Keeping up with my website, and making it a dynamic place to visit is a huge priority right now. I’m introverted, so sometimes even having an online presence is taxing, so I am figuring out how to delegate and automate some things so I can focus on making stuff.

Honestly, Paulette been a huge cheerleader for me, so I was happy for yet another opportunity to put myself out there to people who may otherwise not know that I exist.