Where They Are NOW? series 2016 : Michelle Murphy

One of my favorite features to write in 2011 was about fashion designer: Michelle Murphy!



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1. What was your first impression of the blog as well as me?

I was happy that you were interested enough to ask me some questions! Its always nice to get an opportunity to share thoughts and engage with someone who works in the industry. I appreciate your efforts on behalf of the artist and designers in the Baltimore area. Its so important for an artistic community to have a focal point to look for emerging and as well as established talent. The Charm;s Chic blog fulfills this need and is go to blog for great events, sales and all things fashion related. I am most impressed with how much work you must do to keep up with all of this stuff, as well as write, edit and post it in a timely and beautiful manner! Thank you for your efforts!

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2. How have you evolved since your interview from 2011?

I am continuing to move away from the large craft shows, thereby lowering the amount of production I need to make for wholesale accounts. My focus is now on establishing a personal connection with individual clients who are looking for unique custom clothing. I continue to hone my technical sewing skills, my silk textile paintings, and free lance fashion illustration work.
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I have also moved/expanded to a fantastic 3000 sq Ft storefront studio space. This has given me to opportunity to offer some creative workshops for both adults and children. We have been doing a sweater “chop shop” where I help people up-cycle 2 of their old sweaters into one cute sweater dress. I also have a silk painting classes, wire wrap jewelry making, and an open house that I call Small Repair Saturday-BYOB.  Basically I open the shop to anyone who wants to come in and sew buttons, darn holes and do the hems on all those things that you want to wear but need a little tweak. I provide a beautiful space, large tables, sewing machines and some guidance. I like to drink a little whiskey too, but that BYOB stands for Bring Your Own Buttons.

3. What do you like about Ms. Charm’s Chic?


You gave me some exposure and paid my business some attention. That is always a boost and I am so happy to be included! You got me to sit down and think on those first questions and I have since referred back to them a couple times. I was glad to have those words written for my printed cards, other interviewers and to remember who I am and what I am trying to accomplish. Engaging with the world makes me look at myself and my business and take stock. I thank you for prompting me to review my accomplishments and for sharing the results.

Michelle Murphy