Where They Are NOW? series 2016 : Jade Greer

Back in 2011, the hottest boutique on the Baltimore fashion scene was K Staton Boutique curated by the ever so fabulous Jade Greer.  She is a pioneer of putting plus size fashion on the map in Baltimore. 


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1. What was your first impression of the blog as well as me?

First off, I loved the name! I am born and raised in Baltimore  so anything that’s positive and shows the different sides of our city. I am with! Then I did my homework. Checked out the blog and its content. I was excited for your different approach to fashion and how you feature so many local businesses as well as people. I thought it was great! Plus, I was super honored to able to talk with you. We were right in the middle of expanding to a new larger location. Any buzz that I could get was much appreciated!



2. How have you evolved since your interview from 2011?

Wow, since my interview in 2011 a lot as happen! Some amazing stuff but also some bitter sweet moments as well. K Staton boutique continued to grow its customer base. We won a few “BEST of Baltimore” awards, featured in a few local magazines and started a spin off called Kurvy Konsignment by K Staton. I was also one of Baltimore’s Business Journals “Top 40 under 40” in 2013.  I was getting more and more request for one on one styling. Also, I held a few workshops on how to find your style and what works for your body type. The reception was really good! A little mind blowing, really! While all this was happening, behind the scenes was a different story. 

When owning any kind of business especially retail, it’s all about cash flow. You need a steady stream of cash coming in, so you can provide your customers with new inventory. The funds were not coming in fast enough or even enough to provide my girls with the best selection and product I think they deserve. I had to make a big girl decision on how to move forward in this industry where I could still do what I love to do (help women like myself find their personal style and love who they are). So, after talking with my husband for about 6 months, we decided to close the actual storefront. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. This was my baby. I put so much into it. This was my way of life for the past 6 years. I miss it, but I don’t regret my decision or make light of what I was able accomplish while in Hampden!


3. What are you up to now? What is the next big project or when is your next big event?

I took some time to recover, breathe and figure out my next move after closing the boutique. Now, I am rebuilding the brand to be more of a lifestyle/motivational/teaching brand.  I am launching a personal blog called “Pretty Is” that will cover not just fashion but the importance of positive body image! I believe that when you look good, you feel good, which allows you to take on the world! Pretty is You, Pretty is Me, Pretty is a state of mind. Pretty is more than just the outside appearance. Having had the boutique I was able to build a loyal great group of followers (my girls) that now I can have a more one on one type of relationship without the distractions of running a physical storefront. I plan on having a blog launch party the first of the year as well as a seminar.  I still have clients that I personal shop for on occasions but the ultimate goal is to have more speaking engagements where I can reach a larger amount of women. Not just plus size but all women, even though plus fashion is my first love!


4. What do you enjoy of Ms. Charm’s Chic?

What I enjoy most about Ms. Charm Chic Blog is how you spotlight local fashion, businesses,and events! Plus, your content is consistent! I can find out about things that I did not know was happening in the city!