Looking Back Series 2015: Tracey Beale

There is more to Tracey Beale than being a social media force behind one of Charm City’s popular shopping event, Boulevard of Chic (BOC). By day, she is figuring out social media marketing strategies for the BOC brand. By night and weekend, she is committed to  something she can’t even shake if she could.
“It’s funny I never really decided to pursue jewelry,” Beale said. I feel like it found me and I’ve never been able to shake it. It’s kind of like a man meeting the love of his life and no matter how many times she turns him down he continues to pursue her, until she says yes. That’s the connection I have with jewelry. It feels like it constantly pursues me. In art school I learned about the cultural and historical significance of jewelry and that fascinated me but, it wasn’t  until years later that I made my first piece. Even then I thought it was just a one time thing.”
Beale has been married to metal and jewelry making for more than 15 years.  Her brand is simply called Tracey Beale Jewelry was started when she had the task of creating a custom birthday gift for a coworker.
“It was a long, beaded necklace with a large, gemstone pendant that I’d wrapped in silver wire,” Beale said. She loved it and so did everyone else. Next thing you know I’m making custom necklaces. Even though people were buying jewelry from me I didn’t consider it a business or a jewelry line. It was just something I did. That was over 15 years ago. Throughout the years my style has evolved into mostly metalwork. One thing that hasn’t changed is my unconventional approach to design and construction. I like to try new things and I embrace ‘mistakes’.”
         The Twisted ring, Effected bangs and most of the leaf style earrings have become some of her favorite pieces to make. As the
         fall fashion season is quickly approaching, Beale wants to explore new techniques and methods for producing her work.10371998_1578244285724530_5679325657621080279_n
“I think artists are some of the most courageous, and craziest people in the world,” Beale said. I’m proud to be member of the tribe.”
Learn more about Tracey Beale’s Jewelry here: https://www.facebook.com/Traceybealejewelry