Writer’s Heart with a Touch of Knit: Twigs & Wool

Looking Back Series 2015

Ms. Charm's Chic

Last year, Corrine Nadine Gasiorowski graduated Towson University with an English degree and found a job as a technical writer within a month’s time. However, she had a desire to make an outlet for the other sides of her creativity. 


“I needed to do something that was just for me,” Gasiorowski said. I never set out with any sort of business plan. If I know anything, I learned it day-by-day. My knitting has always been something that I just did for fun and for gifts; it never seemed like something that others would appreciate to the degree that they have.”

The first item sold by the Twigs & Wool designer was a grayish-purple towel with metal, flower buttons from Bottle of Bread. 


“It was a very rough design and it would mostly fit a child, but a very petite woman fell in love with it for the craftsmanship at the first…

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