Quick Q’s with Baltimore Style Star : Titiana Mullin

One of my favorite stylish fashionistas to follow on Instagram would have to be Titana Mullin @tot_tea.
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She is a Baltimorean with a fierce classy style that you can’t help to love. She was an aspiring dancer before finding a passion in photography. After attending MICA for two years to further her photography passion, she decided to take some time to network while working at Nordstrom. So happy to introduce this Baltimore style star story to you finally!
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How did you fall in love with fashion?
“I’ve always enjoyed dressing up and wearing interesting and clothes that were fun and dramatic,” Mullin said. It became a real passion in my life after my Sophomore year when I had to stop dancing due to an injury. After that I had so much free time and would read tons of fashion magazines which then I would rip out anything I thought was inspiring to me and hang them all over my walls. Dance makes you incredibly aware of your body and very focused on how you look so utilizing that it opened up a whole new world with personal style and finding my own confidence in a new light.”
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How did you fall in love with photography?
“It was in Junior year I took a photography class, not planning to take it very seriously, and once the teacher began to explain what taking a photograph really is, something in my mind clicked,” Mullin said. Looking through that viewfinder to be able to take any piece of the world and make it your own view of what you find important in the world has such an impact in our everyday lives and obviously on me as well! I still talk to my photography teacher today because he really pushed to keep shooting and exploring until I found that I had an editorial feel to my photography. Then all those magazine sheets on my walls really made sense and I began to use them for all my inspiration.”
What’s your favorite fashion related project you have done so far and why?
“So far I have worked with a lot of amazing people and it’s been such a blessing to be able to share my craft and learn from the businesses or people I work with at the same time,” Mullin said. My favorite has been working with my friend Brandon who’s a male model. I’ve always worked onlywith female models. But working with Brandon has been a great learning experience since male and female models all are so different and similar from each other. No matter who I’ve worked with it’s great to see what that specific model brings to had their own spice to the shoot. Brandon is very open to experimenting and we usually brainstorm and try using props, jumping shoots, and creating very artistic and unique images.”
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How would you describe your personal style?
“My personal style is based off classic silhouettes focusing on 50’s and 60’s inspiration,” Mullin said.  I love high-waisted everything and using texture or pattern to make my outfits unique with fun vibes. I’d like to think something like Katy Perry mixed with Audrey Hepburn. I don’t take my personal style very seriously, I love pollka dots and fun florals anytime of the year! I love exploring thrift shops and Boutiques around Baltimore to find items that no one else would ever imagine having.  I’ll be inspired by a pattern or specific vibe a look is giving off in a magazine and I usually go and find an item that speaks to that inspiration and my personal style.”
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Anything else you like to share?

“GoGo’s Retread Threads is one of my all time favorite places to get unique and great purchases,” Mullin said.  I also love Double Dutch in Hampden and The Doll House Boutique, these places are all so different which is the best! It shows that here in Baltimore you have the freedom to look how ever you want and there’s someone who will love it and appreciate it as well.”

Follow Titiana Mullin here: https://instagram.com/tot_tea/