Quick Q’s with Scrubs By Sa’Nyia

I can’t lie…I am uber excited to introduce you to Sa’Nyia.
Seriously, she is an inspiration to me! At the age of 12, she already has a beauty empire of facial scrubs. It warms my heart to see young teenage girls running their own businesses.  Baltimore is a place where fashion businesses can rise no matter what age you are.
What inspired you to start your own business? 

My friends wanted me to make them some of my facial scrub. My mom was NOT having it with me making scrubs for them, and not charging for it…especially when she had to buy the oils, sugars, jars, and all of the other ingredients.


One day, mom sat me down, and asked me if I wanted to make scrubs for a profit. I told her yes, might as well since I’m already doing it for free…and I’m enjoying it. So, she gave me some knowledge about websites, profit, branding, learning my target audience, investments, etc.
She gave me a loan of $500, and she even made me pay her back!!!!!!! *laughing* I thought it was so petty, but she explained that in the real world, loans require money back plus interest. Investors invest to always get a share of profits.  With my mom, I have her 10% of my profits to her until it was paid off. No interest. I paid her back in 2 months. Not too shabby!! *pops collar*

What was the first product you made for your business? 
The first product I made for my business is the famous Lemon Cake Scrub! To this day, it’s still our top seller. It really good with clearing dark spots and blemishes.  So for dark areas on the face, dark knees and elbows, the lemon cake scrub is excellent for that.
What has been you top three products you have made so far? 
The top 3 products that I have are:
Lemon Cake scrub
Anti-Cellulite Coffee scrub
Whipped body butter
When you aren’t being a fashion entrepreneur, what do you like to do? 
When I’m not being an entrepreneur,  I love to read,  go online to randomly research stuff (always looking at something different to learn), go out with my mom, watch TV and play video games. I’m a typical kid.
What are your plans for brand in Fall 2015?
My fall branding plans includes taking what I have more seriously. My mom has me enrolled in several branding seminars to learn from some of the most successful people in my area. We are always doing research; always wanting to improve our products.  We plan to add another couple of products to my line. And I will be working closely with brand ambassadors who want to work closely with me to get my product on the store shelves. For now, we are working with building relationships with other small business who would like to retail our products or use our products with their services.
Anything else you like to share? 

I’m honored to do this interview!!! I feel a tiny bit famous!!

Please check me out on IG: @scrubsbysanyia,  and on FB: Scrubs By Sa’Nyia.  I thank you and love all of the support and encouraging words.