Quick Q’s with Patricia Sehar Peerzada

I remember the day I met Patricia Sehar Peerzada at Caprece’s Wear It Out event at the Nancy. She was one of the three local fashion designers showcasing beautifully crafted wearable art. Patricia moved from Washington DC to join the Baltimore fashion scene.
She has already made quite an impact with appearances at the first ever #BOBB and Creative Alliance’s Fashion & Film. If you ever stop by the Bromo Tower, you can see up close the techniques she uses to make her signature Roc The Bloc collection.
What inspired you to pursue fashion design? 
As a child I never liked to wear what anyone else wore so I learned to sew at a very early age. Everyone in my family sewed and my aunt was a children’s wear designer and we always had the latest of fashion because she was in New York .  It sometimes got me laughed at but I didn’t care. I wore what I thought it was amazing.
I always loved clothes and I guess I was influenced by all of the fashion around me. Shopping in Macy’s in New York was a major event!  I started sketching things in junior high and then by high school I started making things for people and myself of course

What was the first item you made?

The first item I made was not of my own design. I was made to sew by hand a little shift dress with French seems.  My grandmother made my cousin and I sew by hand. So I would say my designs have evolved quite a bit although I still keep things very simple. I feel that I have evolved away from typical Eurocentric styling. I have infused ethnocentric styling into my work in a way that makes it so that everyone can wear it and not feel like they’re in a costume.
What has been you top three garments you have made so far? Why? 

Top three garments is a hard question I have made garments that are my favorites but they have not necessarily been what has been the best selling. I guess my top garments though would be the things that I have been making for years and years and years in different configurations. But, they are classic things that have sold and sold and sold. The circle skirt is one of my favorite things to wear although my waist is no longer small enough to really wear it like I would like! But I love that 50’s styling and I have been making circles skirts probably for 40 years. It is still a mainstay of my collections. It will sell well today and will sell tomorrow.

 The tunic and pants which everyone is interestingly just discovering in the mainstream market has been a favorite of mine since college.  In the 70s, I did my senior thesis on the tunic and pants. Then, many years later went to Pakistan and I have been making them, selling them and wearing them ever since.  Even selling them in Nordstrom, where I also sold my third favorite garment, the cape suit.   Top, slim skirt and cape. I have to add a fourth though. My fleece wrap coat which I have been making for the past 10 years has been a favorite of mine and my customers ? I do it in several lengths . It is warm, comfortable and stylish. Also, it good on everyone: wrap coat, cape suit, circle skirt.
What are your plans for fashion brand in Fall 2015?
For Fall 2015, I will be using a warmer cottons  and a lot of natural fibers. I will continue to do my block printing. There will be new versions of my fleece coats will be available. Especially that ravens purple!