Entering the World of Moon Star Adri

Despite having a resume with experience at universities and professional dance companies as a costume designer, Adri Westlake has always been drawn to shiny, sparkly things. It all started with a school project.
“I remember being in middle school and doing a presentation on how to make a necklace from seed beads and coffee beans…that was probably my first piece of jewelry,” Westlake said.

It was nearly five years ago, the secret jewelry designer decided to start her own jewelry brand called Moon Star Adri. The first piece of jewelry she posted for sale was The Valkyrie necklace.

“Since the original design influence of my jewelry was darkly romantic, I wanted to choose something that reminded me of the feminine and elegant aspects of nighttime,” Westlake said.   Also, I’ve always felt connected with the moon and used to love looking up constellations as a child, so it just seemed to fit.”
Moon Star Adri jewelry has evolved over the years with more offerings and more sophistication within her aesthetic. She designs for three types of women: Vintage Darling, Romantic Dreamers and Steampunk Babes. Not sure which one you are? Westlake provides a style quiz on her site for you to figure out what type you may be: www.moonstaradri.com/style-quiz
Some of her best selling items include: Shany earrings, Beyond the Gate necklace, and Simple Spade earrings.
The Shany earrings are hand-hammered sterling silver with graduated Czech beads and Swarovski crystals.  I love them because they really lengthen and balance rounder/squarer faces, and they look amazing with short hair and lobs!
Beyond the Gate is such a wonderfully romantic daytime necklace – I was heavily influenced by the book The Secret Garden when I designed it.  I love the mixture of black metal, cathedral beads, and resin flowers.
The Simple Spade earrings are created using sterling silver wire.  These earrings are a modern interpretation of traditional Norwegian Sølje jewelry.  I love that they are so easily customized by using different colors of Swarovski crystal accents.
For Fall 2015, Westlake is finalizing a collection of Art Nouveau-inspired pieces that will work well with the 70/s revival. When she isn’t thinking about her next design, she is always keeping herself busy.
“I have a lot of interests, so there’s never a dull moment,” Westlake said. You can find me working out as a part of No Excuse Moms Jessup, studying Japanese, planning events for my children’s PTA or helping other female creative business owners set as well as achieve their goals through business coaching.”