Musically Chic: Adryelle

Who is Adryelle?


Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I am an electronic dreampop solo artist from Baltimore, MD. I use a loop pedal during my live performances. I also tour regularly around the area and surrounding cities.
How did you know you wanted to be a musician?
When I was little I would listen to alot of music in my mom’s car and I always liked to sing. I grew up in a very musical family as well and have always been surrounded by it. When I learned the guitar I started writing music. I wrote alot of poetry so I would put my poems to music. 
What do you remember about your first live performance?
I would play in church alot when I was in middle school, but my first live performance where I played original music was at an open mic in Baltimore and a few of my friends were with me. They had to push me up to the front to play my songs because I was so nervous. I just remember feeling so much better after my set was over, but I was also glad I did it because every show got easier and easier.
What musical artists are you inspired by?
Alot of female artists like Bjork, Tori Amos, Patti Smith, and also Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, David Bowie…. There are soooo many!
If you had to describe your personal style in five words or less, what words would you pick?
Hmmm, in five words: Bohemian, Eclectic, Grunge, Retro and Quirky
Does your stage style differ from your personal style? Why or why not?
No, I pretty much dress the way I dress on stage as I do personally. I might wear more makeup on stage though :-).
What do you love about playing live?
I love the energy and also connecting with people. 
What do you look for when picking out a stage outfit?
I look for something interesting but also something comfortable.
What are your top three favorite stage outfits? Why?
Right now, a vintage 1970’s black dress and I also like to wear a plaid shirt, jeans and boots. Also, anything all black.
What are your plans for the summer 2015 , well music wise?
Well, right now i’m in the process of writing another album so I have been trying to focus on that. I may have an album release by the summer, so keep an eye out!
Anything else you want to share? It can be random.
Everyone has a dream, find out what yours is and hold on to it, follow it and make it happen!

~ Adryelle



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