Quick Q’s with Nicole Gordon of 3 Clothing “Preserving the Art of Sewing”

3CLOTHING’S mission is to ‘Preserve The Art of Sewing‘.  They believe the reintegration of ‘slow fashion’ and the resurgence of a dying art in this country can have a massive impact on the socio-economic crisis we currently face. Sewing is a therapeutic healing art that can empower an individual and create jobs as well as  opportunities.  Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with Nicole Gordon to learn more about this Kickstarter project.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. 

I am a yoga instructor/holistic health and nutrition counselor turned fashion designer and owner of 3Clothing.

What inspired you to create Preserving the Art of Sewing campaign? 

 As a young business we need capital to be able to grow and thrive. We chose Kickstarter because it allows us to really promote and advertise who we are and what our mission is to a larger audience. Plus if we reach our goal, it tells us there is a demand for what we are doing.
What are your main goals for  Preserving the Art of Sewing campaign? 

 Our main goal is to raise enough funds to continue moving forward into the Fall/Winter. Fashion is an expensive business, and you always have to be at least one season ahead in terms of production, which means you have to purchase all your materials well in advance. It is the same with most events. You often have to apply to be a vendor 6 months in advance, and pay vending fees immediately if accepted.
How would you describe the Baltimore fashion scene? 

 I would say there is a lot of passion and interest in Baltimore around fashion, however, with the exception of Under Armor, Baltimore isn’t really on the map for anything significant the way it was over 50 years ago. We would like to change that, and become the Brand that opens the doors for the fashion industry to be able to grow and thrive here again.
Anything else you want to share? 

We are particularly excited about the relationships we’ve developed with both Stevenson University and Mica, and are attracting a lot of talent from both these schools. What we’ve learned is that most students would prefer to stay home and work in the industry they love right in their own backyards, as opposed to travel to New York or LA where the market is oversaturated and job competition is so high. We want to be able to create this opportunity as well as harness all the talent and skill thats being cultivated here.



Learn more about 3 Clothing here: http://www.3-clothing.com