MOBILE FASHION: Urban Pearl Mobile Boutique

With Boulevard of Chic returning to Pierce Park at the end of this month, Ms. Charm is taking some time to introduce you to some of Charm City’s top mobile fashion trunks.


Next up is Urban Pearl Mobile Boutique . . .



Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’m a born entrepreneur and I love to shop,” said Lynn Boone. Over the course of my life I’ve only worked in a “typical office” setting once for 2 years.  I’ve started businesses or worked in sales where I was out on my own the rest of my life.  I love to travel and I’m very creative. I can’t sit still or stop thinking ahead.  I’ll probably be starting new things until the day I die.”


What inspired you to start your mobile fashion business? 

“I saw an ad on line where some ladies in Calif were doing it,” said Boone. About 25 years ago I had my own cottage business creating and selling women’s clothes and I was thinking about getting back into the selling part, but not the designing part.  When I saw this type of business it was perfect. I needed my freedom when I started 2 years ago so that I could travel because my husband and I were living out of the country at the time.  I need to be busy and creative.”


Where was the first place that Urban Pearl made a stop at? What do you remember the most about your first time you opened up your mobile boutique to the public? 

“There were actually 2 places,” said Boone. They were Hemphill’s Garden Center in Fallston, Harford County, and outside the place that did our logo on the truck in Bel Air, Allsigns. I remember that quite a few people came and I was very happy about that.  People were curious and had been following us on facebook since we started posting about our adventure in early May. We opened for a private weekend the end of July, then to the public August 1st. By that time I think people really wanted to see what it was all about!”


How did you come up with the outer/inner designer for your mobile boutique? 

“The outer design we just wanted something simple and intriguing,” said Boone. We didn’t want something too girly but wanted to concentrate more on a signature color.  We wanted it to have an Urban Edge, yet be beautiful. Playing along those same lines, we wanted it to be very clean lines and classy looking inside. So Urban on the outside but like a Pearl in an Oyster, beautiful inside.”

What are your plans for Spring 2015?

“What events will you be participating in or stops will you be making in May, June, July or August?,” said Boone. We’re very hopeful that this summer will be crazy busy! Last year was our first full year on the road and we learned so much and met so many great people.  We hope to do many more events with our other Baltimore and DC fashion truck friends.  Particularly a group of five of us truckers who have gotten very close. We call ourselves The Five That Drive and are always looking to work together at events (Tin Lizzy, GoGo’s Retread Threads, SOGH – Shawn Theron Art Truck and Charm City Mobile Boutique).  We’re looking forward to planning more fashion shows for organizations and doing many fundraisers. We’ll continue to make stops at our friends at The Painted Mill Vintage Tag Sales the last weekend of every month, Elizabeth and Co in Westminster the last Wed of every month, Wtmd’s First Thursday’s in Canton Park, Hillendale and Towson Golf and Country Club events, Elementary and High School Spring fairs, A few Gatherings, definitely Art and Fashion Block at Artscape…the list could go on and on. Of course we have a few home parties scheduled.  We depend on people contacting us with their ideas for Truck stops and events.”

Anything else you like to share? 

“I’d just like to say that the absolute best part of this job, besides meeting the customers and helping them choose styles for themselves, is the relationship I’ve formed with other ‘truckers’, ” said Boone. Without their friendship and camaraderie this would be a lonely, even tougher job than it already is.  It looks glamorous but in the end, we drive big trucks.  Hot in the summer, cold in the winter, no radios. It’s almost impossible to hire help, we break down, racks come down when we drive, we learn more about diesel’s than we ever wanted to and we’re looked down on by many clothing retail stores.  So having friends in the business means everything to me.


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