MOBILE FASHION: Charm City Mobile Boutique

With Boulevard of Chic returning to Pierce’s Park at the end of this month, Ms. Charm is taking some time to introduce you to some of Charm City’s top mobile fashion trunks.


First up is Charm City Mobile Boutique . . .


Tell me a little bit about yourself.

“I’m your typical 28 year old who enjoys art, fashion, and renovating cargo trailers in the dead of summer,” said Alyssa Coster. That being said, I am very determined when I go for something that I want.  Before opening Charm City Mobile Boutique, I was working as a nanny and making ends meet with clerical jobs, but my heart has always been into fashion and design.  I minored in Visual Communication Design in college, and knew that that’s where my heart was.  I grew up loving fashion, along with what seemed like every other girl in the world, but I knew in my gut that my legacy in life would involve fashion on some level.”


What inspired you to start your mobile fashion business?

“While in between jobs, I had seen a classified ad for a sales associate in a mobile boutique,” said Coster. It got me wondering, and when I did some research, I quickly fell in love with the concept.  It’s the perfect combination of being able to work with fashion, interior design, merchandising, and being able to do it out of a 7 x 16 foot space keeps everything minimal, which is perfect for a one-person business.”

Where was the first place that Charm City Mobile Boutique made a stop at?

“My first event was September 20, 2014 at Taste of Maryland, at Howard County Fairgrounds,” said Coster.The weather was fabulous and I met my first fashion trucker – Laura, with Tin Lizzy Mobile Boutique, at that event.”


What do you remember about the first time you opened your amazing mobile boutique to the public?

“I had the support of my friends and family there, and after months of hard work it was really incredible to see/hear the reactions from the customers,” said Coster.  Kind of like having a piece of artwork displayed in a gallery and being there to receive the feedback.”


How did you come up with the outer/ inner design for your mobile boutique?

“The inside was difficult at first,” said Coster. I had SO many ways I could go as far as making a boutique out of nothing at all. Sometimes a strategy is best, but in this case, I just dove into it, starting with two main wall colors that I picked out, and with wire racks all around full of colorful inventory that brings the walls to life. The wire racks give me the opportunity to constantly change things around – shelving, clothing racks, etc.

The design on the outside was done in collaboration with a few graphic designers, one being my sister.  Trying to convey your vision through someone else’s eyes can be really tough, so I’m glad my sister helped out.  I knew I wanted my logo to embody Charm City, and the skyline is pretty distinctive.  I wanted to have a feminine artsy design that spoke to the right audience, combined with the concept of mobility.”


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