Make It Work Influenced: Dreams by Danielle

I have never met one fashionista that didn’t enjoy a season of Project Runway. The Dreams by Danielle designer was influenced to start a fashion line of her own after years of having Project Runway viewing parties with her friend.


“I was attracted to how creative the designers are,” Danielle said. It was amazing to me to watch them illustrate an idea and then bring it to life.”


In 2014, Danielle opened an Etsy shop to create looks that compliment the female body.


“The first outfit that I ever made was a green leopard print peplum top and gold pants,” Danielle said. I was so excited that I made an outfit that would stand out and showcase my personality.”




Where do you get your design inspiration?


I get my design inspiration from exploring my surroundings. There is inspiration everywhere. When I see a color of a car that can inspire an idea or when I see an outfit on someone, I think about how I can improve it or make it in a plus size. Some times I spend hours walking around fabric stores looking for a fabric that can inspire a new idea.



Describe your design process (from idea to final product).


When I come across a color, shape, or fabric that inspires an idea, I create a basic sketch of it. I love to use prints, so I spend some time coloring in the sketch to make sure the color scheme works. Next I make a pattern for the garment. I rarely use commercial patterns. I use the patterns that I create to produce the final product.



How would you describe your personal style?


I would describe my personal style as unique. I do not stick to any specific trends or fashion conventions. I just wear what I like. This is part of the reason I began sewing. I do not like to be confined to “what’s hot”. I like to mix prints. I like to wear bright colors and flower prints all year. I like to dress how I feel or dress to improve my mood. My personal style is like my personality; adventurous.



How has your garment design evolve through the years?

Over the years by designs have become more detailed and sophisticated. I began by making ready to wear clothing but now I am venturing into making more formal wear. In addition, I am using more embellishments in my designs.



What are your plans for Dreams by Danielle in Spring 2015?


This spring I plan to include a lot of mesh, flowers and lace in my garments. These are some of my favorite fabrics to work with because they are feminine, sexy and light. In addition, the versatility of lace and flowers allows them to be dressed up or down but still exude confidence.





INSTAGRAM: @Dreamsbydanielle