The Man of Many Poses: Dylan Thai

Do you know Dylan Thai?


As Fashion Awards MD’s 2014’s Emerging Male Model of the Year winner, he is one to watch in the Baltimore fashion scene. The Vietnamese American male model was born and raised in Germantown, Maryland. He currently is a Fashion Merchandising student at Stevenson University and will be graduating in May 2015. He plans to reside in NYC and take on Fashion PR field as a career in the fashion industry upon graduating.


What inspired you to pursue a career as a model? 

I was actually persuaded by friends to try it out as well as to participate in a few fashion shows during my senior year in High School. After getting a little taste of what modeling is like and having support from friends as well as my high school drama director and choreographer; Sherion and Shawn Cosby, I began taking interest into the fashion industry and began pursuing modeling. With individuals’ interest in wanting to work with me grew I began to take modeling more seriously and saw the potential I had. I wouldn’t have continue modeling if I didn’t see the potential or interest.


What was the first photo shoot you did? What do you remember the most about your first photo shoot? 

My first photo shoot I did was with the talented female photographer; Nhu Nguyen of Nhu Nguyen Photography in Downtown Frederick. I remember that I was really nervous and got lost driving to Frederick since it was my first time going to Frederick alone.

What did winning a Fashion Awards MD award mean to you? 

Winning the title of Fashion Awards MD’s 2014 “Emerging Male Model of the Year” is a blessing and a great honor. I am very grateful for the support from fellow fashion industry peers. Winning this award showed me that I do have what it takes to be a part of this industry. By being nominated and voted for as well as receiving the award also showed my parents that my time is not wasted and I am able to be apart in this industry as well.


How has your modeling evolve over the years? 

My modeling has grown and improved a lot over the years with more experiences and learning more poses; I knew what worked for me and what didn’t. Also, I developed stronger images through the years as well.

What are your plans for Spring 2015?

For Spring 2015 I will be graduating from Stevenson University with a B.S degree in Fashion Merchandising. I am also hoping to be signed with a NYC modeling agency as well.



What tips would you give to inspiring models? 

Network, research established models for inspirations, practice, and always take critiques and criticism well. Those are key to being successful in this industry as well as to grow and improve as a model. Take every beneficial opportunity that comes your way as well.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is a fusion of Asian and European styles that is street chic, fashion forward, and edgy. My style is always developing, but I always like to be comfortable and show my personality.

Anything else you like to share? 


I am currently interning for uprising lifestyle brand Kevin V. Thai Co, LLC; that provides unique and premium quality RTW men and women clothing. Everyone should check it out-

P.S I am not related to the founder; Kevin Thai.