Writer’s Heart with a Touch of Knit: Twigs & Wool

Last year, Corrine Nadine Gasiorowski graduated Towson University with an English degree and found a job as a technical writer within a month’s time. However, she had a desire to make an outlet for the other sides of her creativity. 


“I needed to do something that was just for me,” Gasiorowski said. I never set out with any sort of business plan. If I know anything, I learned it day-by-day. My knitting has always been something that I just did for fun and for gifts; it never seemed like something that others would appreciate to the degree that they have.”

The first item sold by the Twigs & Wool designer was a grayish-purple towel with metal, flower buttons from Bottle of Bread. 


“It was a very rough design and it would mostly fit a child, but a very petite woman fell in love with it for the craftsmanship at the first Bmore Flea I attended,” Gasiorowski said. I took that sale into consideration as I made modifications to what I had in mind for this past season. She liked the high quality of the cowl more than anything else, so that’s what I try to focus on with each modification I make.”

2014victoria_midnight2 (1)

With signature items like the “Emma Cowl”, the “Vivienne Beanie” and “Victoria Fingerless gloves”, Twigs & Wool is becoming a knitwear go-to in Charm City. Gasiorowski’s knit line can be found in local boutiques like Doubledutch and Bottle of Bread. 

“All three of these stores have one thing in common: they value well-made handmade goods,” Gasiorowski said. It is so easy to engage in fast fashion and stuff that is inexpensive and poorly made at the expense of someone overseas whom you will never meet. These stores understand the intrinsic value that good handmade goods will always have. For this, I am very grateful because they took a chance on helping me make my little knitted dream a reality.” 


As the colder temperatures began to disappear, the Twigs & Wool creator is already thinking about plans for spring. 

“Some stuff is still under wraps as I am working on the logistics,” Gasiorowski said. But am going to be making air plant baskets that can be hung individually or purchased with a stand to display them…great addition to your desk environment.”


“Read a book, wear some knits, and pet a cat. Not necessarily in that order.”  -Corrine Nadine Gasiorowski 


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