Standing Boldly: Moon. Flower. Child.

Can you imagine your first fashion design project being your mother’s black tie gala dress at age 7? 
Well, Juilana Juby  Yasmine‘s talented lttle fingers created a graphic cut dress made from fuchsia,  turquoise, and rainbow fabrics. 

“I laugh at it now and am amazed that she actually wore it,” Yasmine said.  
It was this spark of fashion genius that would later influence Yasmine to study fashion and painting at Savannah College of Art & Design. But, the British native transferred to Parsons Paris to finish her fashion design degree.  

“I graduated in 2013 after doing a couple of runway shows in Paris,” Yasmine said. I moved to Hawaii after that where I truly started to push myself to begin making and vending in my free time. I now live in Baltimore and have a growing fashion brand with an etsy store that is always in progress.”

Moon Flower Child is a fashion brand inspired by subject matters like nature, cultures and music with a bohemian flare. Each garment embodies the motto: “Stand boldly as someone different”. Her eye-catching designs are composed in her apartment that is often surrounded by yarns, needles and other findings. 

“I am organized messy,” Yasmine said. I have inspiration photos on the walls and racks of clothes I’ve made in each room. There’s music and a vast choice of records and movies to keep the making rolling.”

Beyond the walls of her creating space, Yasmine spends time in places like museums, Barnes & Nobles and other independent book stores to find inspiration for clothing as well as jewelry. Of course, she returns to her home studio to sketch ideas for shapes and silhouettes.

“Once I have the designs, I drape them,” Yasmine said. In this very technical process, sometimes the design changes. It might not even make sense from the drawing to garment of how the girl is supposed to put it on. Once this is established the pattern making begins and I secretly actually really enjoy this stage. Rulers, pencils, scissors…paper everywhere! Time to cut out the fabric and get sewing. Sometimes 
what I am making is so large it doesn’t fit on my desk so there’s a little yoga-sewing that takes place on the floor to get things done.”

On January 28, Moon Flower Child made its Raw Baltimore debut at the Creative Alliance. The runway show consisted of goth and aztec

inspired garments like a revamped peasant dress with black faux leather. With a new season ariving in a few weeks, Yasmine is ready to work on her Spring collection. 

“I am hoping to really get cracking on a Spring collection,” Yasmine said. [I want to be able] to have samples and hopefully be accessible for my customer in stores that she would probably visit here in Baltimore. I am thinking that an intern would be awesome to help out and make the ball roll faster.  [It would be great] to have an extra set of hands to help teach and learn from them also. So, I am crossing 
my fingers that my funds and ambition will get me there.”

“Just be patient with yourself and always have faith that you can do great things in life! Whether thats 
to embark on a self made adventure to or to join those who are creating something new for others to join 
in on. Either way, just remember life is awesome (even the days that suck).” -Juliana Juby Yasmine