Where They Are NOW? series 2015 : WHICHGOOSE

ETSY is one the best resources for finding undiscovered and unique fashion talent. It was in Summer 2010 when I discovered WHICHGOOSE. I sent Emily Zych (Emily Suidikas) an email immediately after visiting her Etsy shop and becoming obsessed with her nature inspired accessories. 


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1. When you received an email for an interview from a journalism major college student with a fashion blog, what was your first impression of the blog as well as me?

I thought you doing really amazing for your age! When I was in college, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was really impressed with the commitment you had, your degree of local coverage, and professionalism.



2. How have you evolved since your interview from 2010?

Very, very thankfully, I am still doing the same thing that was doing in 2010. I feel so lucky that my crazy leap away from “the working world” has paid off and allowed me to do what I really love.
My business is always evolving very slowly and slightly. I am always trying to innovate with my designs and marketing.

3. What are you up to now? What is the next big project or when is your next big event?


I gave birth to a baby girl in November 2014 so that is changing things for my business (and life) significantly. I still don’t really know how my business will play into my life as a mother, but I hope to be able to continue as much as I can.

4. Did you ever think Ms. Charm’s Chic would be around for 5 years? How has the Ms. Charm’s Chic blog helped your business or what do you enjoy about the blog?



Of course! It is amazing that 5 years have gone by so fast, but I’ve really enjoyed following Ms. Charm’s Chic over the years. I’ve loved seeing the blog grow into new social media (love the Instagram and Facebook, too!) As a local seller, I love seeing other local entrepreneurs getting some play on a great blog!! Keep up the good work 🙂

Emily Suidikas Whichgoose