Introduction to “Where They Are NOW? series 2015

Next month, Ms. Charm’s Chic will be turning . . .



To celebrate this milestone, we are going to catch up with some of the people that helped launch Ms. Charm’s Chic back in 2010 (year one).  

For the month of January and February, meet some of the people that gladly accepted a chance to be interviewed by a shy journalism major from Towson University. 

Seriously, if these people didn’t give me a chance, I don’t know where MS. CHARM’S CHIC would be today. 

photo 1


Hope you enjoy Ms. Charm’s Chic’s WHERE THEY ARE NOW?  SERIES starting next week! 


Over the years, there is one question that never stops being asked:

“How did Ms. Charm’s Chic get started?”


Believe it or not, I started Ms. Charm’s Chic in a classroom at Towson University during my senior year with Professor Stacey Spaulding. I came up with the name immediately Ms. Charm’s Chic and wrote my first post:

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 8.24.03 AM

At the time, I had dreams of moving to New York and becoming a fashion journalist at Elle Magazine. The more I discovered and wrote about my hometown’s fashion scene, I just let that New York dream fade away.  I didn’t want Ms. Charm’s Chic to be a blog that did not have a message or too much about me.

Yes, I used to have blue glasses. Ms. Charm circa 2009.

I wanted Ms. Charm’s Chic to be the blog where Baltimore fashionistas would get their local fashion news, would be inspired to shop local and would get to know Baltimore’s grand scope of fashion talent. 

I think I have achieved that in 5 years (well, 5 years as of Feb. 8, 2015).