Musically Chic: Josephine Olivia of Blacksage

Looking Back Series 2014

Ms. Charm's Chic

Who is Josephine Olivia?

She is a musician that performs Baltimore and in Annapolis in two major bands including Blacksage. Her original tunes are often described as creepy sexy lullaby jams from Baltimore. Peep her debut EP “Sixtape”. 


What do you remember about your first live performance as a solo artist?

“I used to play music down by the docks in Annapolis Md with friends, but that was some years ago,” Olivia said.  I stopped playing for a couple years and about last year picked it up again but with more drive than before. I played my first show back at Two Boots in Baltimore- totally acoustic- I was mortified. My nerves are still pretty bad even though I play pretty frequently.

I remember thinking that I had 30 minutes to an hour worth of material, but by the time I actually got there and started playing, I realistically only had about 15…

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