Ms. Charm’s Chic Exclusive: Private Jewelry Showing with Freda Mohr

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Freda Mohr inviting me to a private showing for her jewelry line. Of course, I was extremely excited! We had been Instagram BFFs for a while and I have always been a big fan of her unique take on jewelry.



For some reason when I woke up yesterday, I felt like dressing up as a socialite. So, I grabbed my most animal printed dress and threw a crazy good black not fur coat on. And, I was on my way to Freda Mohr’s lovely home.



When I arrived, I found a parking space in no time (I love when you don’t have to pay for parking!). I walked up to her house and Freda opened the door with a big smile. Also, Freda looked highly fabulous with a printed dress on matched with a one-of-kind necklace handmade by herself and finished off with purple stockings and cute grayish boots.



The moment I met her I knew that we were totally destined to be friends.

After a warm welcoming, Freda showed me to her beautifully lighted showcase of her jewelry. The thing I love about Freda’s jewelry is it is something I do not see everyday. Each piece is stunning and threaded by hand. It’s a new take on the idea of tradition knitting and crochet being transformed into a wearable accessory.

For hours, Freda and I talked about rules of dating to public transportation tales to Baltimore Fashion Alliance fashion show and so much more while slipping on wine as well as eating cheese with crackers. Even one of her endearing cats took a liking to me and had a quick nap on my lap.

Before I left this inspiring private jewelry trunk show, I had to buy something.

You can’t be a Baltimore fashion blogger and not shop local or support fashion artists. DUH!

 I re-visit her jewelry and I could not keep my eyes off this crochet lace motif pendent wrapped in a gold chain.  I am happy to say it has a home in my wardrobe now.


Holiday season is here! I believe someone in your life deserves an unique, personalized gift.

I invite you to visit Freda’s shop:

Become a fan of her jewelry here:

The fabulous Freda Mohr
The fabulous Freda Mohr


“Buying a handmade piece is a statement that you care about a person’s livelihood. Which is beautiful, and transcends fashion trends.” -Freda Mohr