A Designer’s Dream Come True: The Moon Life Clothing

Looking Back Series 2014

Ms. Charm's Chic

Nate Gonzalez always had a dream to start his very own clothing company. In high school, he teamed up with a few of his skateboarding buddies to create designs for a line inspired by skateboarding companies and punk rock. While at Towson University, Gonzalez spent most of his time working on projects for classes and working full time outside of school. Therefore, his clothing company endeavor went on the back burner for a little bit. It took one class to put him back on track.


“The idea of The Moon Life [clothing line] came in a summer digital design class I was taking when we needed to make a catalog and poster design advertising something,“ Gonzalez said. Two years later, once I graduated, I drove across the country, came back and knew it was time to do it, for real. The first piece of clothing I designed for the brand…

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