New on the Scene: Urban Boho

For nearly five years, Ms. Charm has been at the forefront of finding new designing talent in the Baltimore fashion scene. I’m happy to introduce you all the Fells Point based designer Andrea Belzner of Urban Boho.

At age 11, her grandmother began to teach her how to sew. By middle school, she was selling her own line of ribbon headbands, belts and watch bands to her classmates.

“I took a break from sewing soon after that, and purchased my own sewing machine this past February and have regained my skills,” Belzner said. I was inspired to make my own fashion line because I love clothes, and most of all I love saving money on clothes. I would go into many clothing stores, look at the price tag, and think I could make that! I enjoy going thrift shopping, and re-creating old pieces. That led me to make my line of shorts, and pocket tees.”

The Urban Boho line is 90s inspired, Americana and girly all wrapped into one. The first item created for Belzner’s brand were headbands. And, now she has expanded her line to include embellished shorts as well.

“My fourth of July outfit I created was all thrift shop purchases that i created into my own look, adding a distressed look, American inspired fabric, and a graphic tee that I turned into a tank top, and added lower fringe,” Belzner said. My pink bohemian headband is my favorite because I love the pattern of the fabric, and is a great way to keep my long hair out of my face.”

As the next season is approaching, the Urban Boho designer is starting to work on her fall collection. Expansion continues to be a driving force in her fashion journey as she is starting to experiment with creating men’s pocket tees.


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