Bottle of Bread Connection : Becky Jane Sews

There is something about that red and white building on Fleet Street. The array of plants right outside on a bench with a mannequin always nicely dressed. When you walk inside, you can get lost in the visual art from local artists hanging on the wall. It’s a dream zone filled with vintage clothing, home furnishing and Baltimore based designer’s work. Say hello to Bottle of Bread.

It was around two months ago when I spotted a 50’s style floral printed dress in front of Bottle of Bread and I wondered who created this classic silhouette. Suddenly, I discovered Becky Jane Harrington’s “Becky Jane Sews What” site and I knew I had to find out more.

Photo by Molly Jean McCracken
Photo by Molly Jean McCracken

“Morissa [Rothman-Pierce] of Bottle of Bread is actually my old roommate in SF’s little sister, Judith designer of Rusty Cuts,” Harrington said. When Mo was opening the shop she asked me if I would be interested in selling, and of course I was. I started off giving her a few baby outfits and dresses and skirts.”

IMG_0370 When Ms. Harrington isn’t dropping off her latest designs to this trendy boutique, she works at a vintage shop called Venus on Half Shell in Fredrick, Maryland. Also, she does a lot of freelance, custom work, alterations, mending and even teaches sewing lessons.

When did you realize you wanted to venture into fashion design?

I have always really been into fashion. As a kid I had notebooks and notebooks full of cut outs from various catalogs. I’ve been working in boutiques for about ten years now, and a few years into it I decided I wanted to make my own designs. IMG_0368

What inspired you to start “Becky Jane Sew What” business?

I started sewing all the time, and I was constantly having friends ask me to make them a dress or alter a dress, so I decided to start selling my designs.

What was the first piece of clothing you made for your business? How has your designs evolved since your first piece?

I started out making high waisted skirts and I sold them for only $20 at an awesome store in San Francisco called C.C Rider. I still make and sell this design, but now that my sewing had gotten more professional I sell them for around $35. I think before I was just so excited for people to wear my stuff I was pretty much giving it away haha. photo 3

How do you go about creating a new piece? What’s your design process—choosing materials, design development, etc?

I am constantly inspired, whether it’s by a piece that comes into the shop I work at, street style or in a magazine. Sometimes I think of great that pops into my head so I try and keep a notebook on me to sketch it out. But the process is always different. I could start out working on a baby dress in my studio, see a fabric I forgot I had and end up making a dress.   IMG_0369

How would you describe your personal style?

I guess I’m boho classic haha. I wear a lot of vintage, but as I’m getting older I try and stay more classy then trendy. I’m starting to move from loud sixties colors to more solids for my personal style. But as far as my sewing, I still use a lot of funky fabrics.

If you had to choose three fashion icons to wear your designs, who would you pick and why?

  • Sienna Miller because she is a babe and looks good in everything
  • Can I say Nancy Sinatra circa 30 years ago????
  • Sophia Coppola because she’s awesome, and I think people would take me seriously if I had someone like that rocking my threads.


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