Ms. Charm takes on Boulevard of Chic II : Modeling Debut!

Back in April, Boulevard of Chic premiered on Key Highway as the first ever fashion truck rally in Baltimore. Of course, Ms. Charm was there and had a very chic time. Around June, I received an email from the fabulous mastermind behind this event, Lauren Wilson, asking if I would like to be a model in their runway show for Boulevard of Chic II. Since, this is the year #YOLO for me, I said “YES!”.  I knew this would be the perfect event to make my modeling debut!  mebeforefashionshow Yesterday, I woke up around 7 a.m. to start prepping myself to be a model for a day. My prep involved much time with my blow dryer and CHI flat iron because I wanted to make sure my hair was manageable and not a headache for anyone.  I packed two tone page with my runway shoes from Poppy and Stella and other essential model needs.  Then, it was time for me to make my way to Rash Field.  photo 2 (7) If you know Ms. Charm well, she used to be on public transportation 24/7. Now, Ms. Charm has a car and a driver’s license. Every once in a while, Ms. Charm likes to hop back on public transportation and just take a walk in Downtown Baltimore (hello, exercise!).  I admit I kinda got lost in the crowd with all the Oatkon peeps, but it was cool to see all their cool costumes on my way to Rash Field.  photo 1 (5) When I arrived, I met up with Alyssa Luberto of Ability by Alyssa and she took me to the hair/make-up tent to get my model transformation started.  First, I got my hair did by Richie B of  Flithy Rich Hair Salon (located at 1190 W. Northern Parkway, Suite 105 by the way).  

photo 3

My hair came out crazy good! 

Once my hair was done to perfection, I switched seats to get my make-up done by Adriana using Angelberry Organics (yes, I so wrote about Angelberry Organics on my blog last year) make-up.  photo 3 (4) With complete hair and make-up ready to go, I could not wait to find out what I was wearing on the runway.  I walked over to the wardrobe tent and I was informed I would the second model to go. I was like, “OMG!”  But, I knew I would be okay. I found out my first outfit was a see-through Couture-like top with a leather skirt with gold hardware from ENIGMA boutique. It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.   photo 5 (3) The fashion coordinators informed me that I didn’t have to be back until 2: 40 p.m. to get dressed for the fashion show. What did this mean? I had about an hour and a half to check out vendors and SHOP!  I stopped by a few fashion trucks and vendor tables.

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I ended up buying some cute earrings and a necklace from Side Dish photo 2 With more free minutes before the fashion show, I decided to chill with Alyssa and get my #GEMSOCIAL on. I was so on granny mode when I started making one of my bracelets. By the time, I finished both bracelets, I got the hang of it. I was so proud of myself. Seriously, Alyssa is an amazing jewelry-making teacher so check out GEM SOCIAL calendar to see when future events are happening.  photo 2 (2) photo 4 (2) photo 3 (2) After my jewelry lesson, I went back to the wardrobe tent to get dressed in my first look for the fashion show. Lights, Camera, Action . . . I made my modeling debut. Also, I modeled a second look that was a black maxi dress with a high split with a kitty with glasses on it.  Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of me on the runway yet. As soon as I get them, they will be posted on my Facebook page.     photo 2 (3) I headed to the ICE GREEN snowball truck after the fashion show to get a cool, refreshing watermelon snowball as a treat for having a successful modeling debut.  photo 3 (3)   Boulevard of Chic II was such a wonderful event. I met so many cool new people and saw a few friends as well.  This event was a great way to highlight local shopping and to get people excited about the Baltimore fashion scene.  I so would model and attend again! Until the next time . . .