Broadway Bound Accessories: Rebecca Allen

There is just something about that blue and white building labeled 728 on South Broadway in the historical neighborhood of Fells Point. Naturally, city dwellers are attracted to the luxury peeking through tall checker box glassed windows.

Shoes in every imagiable style surround the boutique, but accessories are a highlight of this place as well. Such as spotting local jewelry designer, Rebecca Allen’s jewelry hanging beautifully on the wall.

Rebecca stage photo 1

Poppy and Stella is such a wonderful boutique, and a perfect place for Rebecca,” Allen said. We create simple, delicate pieces that fit well with the amazing shoes and clothing they carry. If a customer comes in and finds an amazing sling back and can easily throw a pair of our gemstone earrings on with them, our designs never over power the other pieces they are the perfect compliment.”


Before Rebecca Allen became a household name at Poppy and Stella, she transitioned her love for creating, sketching and designing from scratch by entering the accessory design program at Miami International University of Art and Design.

“After winning a competition in school, I interned at Sergio Zelcer,” Allen said. A few months later I was hired on to assist the head designer. When I finished up college I decided to move back up north and entered the Handbag Designer 101 competition. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a finalist and in turn received numerous boutique inquiries about where they could buy my line. I decided it was time to start my own business designing and creating handbags. After a few seasons of only handbags I wanted to expand my line into jewelry items. Seven years later the line has evolved into a full jewelry and small accessories company.”

Seahorse Necklace
The Maryland native designer still carries several pieces from her original jewelry line. One of her first designs was a pair of feather earrings in black that were wired wrapped hanging from silver earring hooks. Even though, she is committed to delicate, simple pieces with the occasional stand out design, every season calls for a re-birth of her accessories.

crown of leaves ring
“Each season we start out with a theme,” Allen said. The theme could be as simple as a color or as complex as a ‘circus’, which we did several seasons go. For this upcoming fall.winter our theme revolves around tribal, nature, organic, woodland designs. These pieces will be available [this month] on our website and in shops around the world staring in September.”

Mini Bunny Necklace

Rebecca Whimsical Beauty is a line of accessories that anyone could wear, pieces that could be flawlessly combined with existing items in their closet.

Rebecca stage photo 2
“We are always planning and designing bigger and better things for the line,” Allen said. We’d love to expand our bridal selection, and other accessories (such as hair, scarves, and small handbags). We’d love to just continue offering amazing accessories that people love.”