Musically Chic: Josephine Olivia of Blacksage

Who is Josephine Olivia?

She is a musician that performs Baltimore and in Annapolis in two major bands including Blacksage. Her original tunes are often described as creepy sexy lullaby jams from Baltimore. Peep her debut EP “Sixtape”. 


What do you remember about your first live performance as a solo artist?

“I used to play music down by the docks in Annapolis Md with friends, but that was some years ago,” Olivia said.  I stopped playing for a couple years and about last year picked it up again but with more drive than before. I played my first show back at Two Boots in Baltimore- totally acoustic- I was mortified. My nerves are still pretty bad even though I play pretty frequently.

I remember thinking that I had 30 minutes to an hour worth of material, but by the time I actually got there and started playing, I realistically only had about 15 minutes…so I repeated the set again, got my free pizza and got out of there.  Haha. It’s really incredible thinking about that first show and thinking of how much work I have put in to all of it.”

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What musical artists are you inspired by?

  • Johnny Cash
  • Kurt Vile
  • Neil Young
  • Coco Rosie
  • Billie Holiday
  • Prince
  • dinosaur jr
  • Ariel Pink
  • Fleetwood mac

I have always loved Joni Mitchell like I said before my mom always played her albums. I remember listening to Dido and Jewel when I was growing up- and Nora Jones. I am inspired but Many different artists because I think each one in its unique way teaches me a little something about myself and that’s what music is about- connecting with people.

What’s the best part of performing live?

I love playing live because of how “in the now” it is,” Olivia said. I am never as spontaneous as I am when I perform. There’s almost something Zen about it- there is so much build up for me in the 30 minutes before I get on stage and once I am up there it’s almost out of body- like I’m not even there, but watching myself perform. I love connecting with people while performing.

I love being able to sing songs that I have written that are seriously intimate like windows into my life and to have people feel it and hear it and maybe even understand/ feel that same way too- it is a really special time for me.

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Describe your personal style in five words or less.

“To sum it up….I’m more of a casual friday person…but on monday,” Olivia said. I think my style ranges from a few different things….bohemian, vintage, casual, weird, witchy/occult…It’s hard for me to really sum it up because I think each day it kind of changes. “

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Does your stage style differ from your personal style? Why or why not?

“I think most times I perform I like to dress up- each band I am in I kind of tweak my style to fit it- so for Blacksage I wear more witchy occult stuff, my solo acoustic I wear dresses mostly in black because that’s usually my go to, and for softeyes i wear very girly floral stuff a lot,” Olivia said. 

What are your top three favorite stage outfits? Why? 

“I love my black bell sleeved romper because I think its sexy,  fun and witch, Olivia said. I love my kimono with lace and florals because dancing around is fun in it, and I really love my chiffon floral dress because Its sophisticated but still young and fun.”

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Anything else you want to share?

“If there is anything I can say from the last year that I have learned it’s that it is so important to do what you love and believe in,” Olivia said.  I am miserable when I am not playing music- I have found something that truly makes me happy. And if anyone can feel that way- they should never stop. Keep working hard no matter what. And celebrate the little victories even just internally. But make sure you pay credit where credit is due.”

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Josephine Olivia PLANS FOR SUMMER 2014
“Blacksage just put out our first EP, Sixtape through Friends Records, so we already have a bunch of shows booked,”  Josephine Olivia said. My solo music I have put somewhat on the back burner just because I have been so floored and excited about the other projects I am in. It’s also a lot easier to just pick up where I left off with that one as opposed to the other projects because a lot of other people are involved. Softeyes is in the process of recording our EP also to be released through Friends records. And expect a Josephine Olivia EP through Friends Records as well! It should all be out within the year.!”

Performance Schedule 


  • Blacksage playing May 24th (david lynch fest at windup space)
  • Josephine Olivia May 25th at Club k in baltimore
  • June 26th Windup blacksage
  • june 27th richmond
  • July 20th (Ratscape) Blacksage


Check out Josephine Olivia of Blacksage here: