Fashion Awards MD: Vote for Ms. Charm’s Chic in Fashion Blog Category! #FAMD

Ms. Charm’s Chic is on the official ballot for Fashion Awards MD 2014!

Vote here now until June 13:


You can fill out one ballot per computer. (There are two voter’s ballots for each show. One computer/person may fill out each form, once only). 

Why should you vote for Ms. Charm‘s Chic? 

  • 1. My blog isn’t about me it’s about my hometown’s fashion scene. 
  • 2. From my blog to social media, I promote all things local fashion. 
  • 3. Most of my free time is often used to brainstorm the next new post or interviewing cool fashionistas around town 
  • 4. For almost five years (5 years in Feb 2015) my lovely blog has been my passion and has helped me get through very hard times in my life (from unemployment to figuring out what to do after college) 
  • 5. I love what I do and will blog for many many more years! 

I am so honored to be recognized by my hometown for the third  year and I am so thankful for my readers nominating for me!