Career Series 2014: Ruzica Puskas-Ragontse of Red Rose Photography

Welcome to Ms. Charm’s Career Series 2014!


Tis’ the season for graduations. It is the time that many young people think about what should I do for the rest of my life and how can I turn my interests into a career. Not too long ago, I was in the same shoes trying to figure out what career I wanted to pursue.

I am happy to bring you inspiring interviews in the month of May from local fashionistas with boosting careers!

Ever wondered what it takes to be a professional photographer? Well, meet Ruzica Puska-ragontse of Red Rose Photography.
Ruzica balances her inspiring photography career by capturing weddings and being the eye behind fashion editorials. She has won Brides Choice for five years in a roll and her work can be seen in various publications such as Zink and Vogue Italia.


Ruzica Puskas-Ragontse of Red Rose Photography
Ruzica Puskas-Ragontse of Red Rose Photography

What inspired you to start your own business?

It was partly curiosity and partly a strong need to have freedom to do as I please. And ofcourse I love the arts, photography specifically, and the idea of being able to do what I wanted, when I wanted was really exciting. I pretty much just dove right in, after learning much of what I know from Art school and working for an amazing local photographer. And I have always been an entrepreneur. When I graduated from College, I immediately started my own Graphic design company in Botswana.

What did you do to prep for owning your own business?

A lot of paperwork! To have a successful business, you need to make sure your paper work is up to date. From registering the business, to getting a Tax ID, to developing my identity and brand, creating the website, blog and marketing, connecting with vendors etc. This business is all about relationships. And ofcourse, shooting! Lots of it, to build your portfolio and confidence.

Describe a typical week or describe the tasks you encounter on a daily basis.

Besides, shooting, which doesn’t happen every single day during the week. Unless it were commercial, portrait or fashion shoot, my busiest time is during the weekend. Mainly reserved for weddings and engagement shoots. My days consist of the not so exciting stuff, emailing clients, preparing contracts, scheduling timelines, updating online portfolios, networking, the blog, etc. All the back end stuff that gets pretty tedious. And post-production which takes a lot of time!

Photo by Red Rose Photography
Photo by Red Rose Photography

What has been your best career defining moment? If you have more than one, feel free to share more.

Booking my very first wedding in LA, California. I was terrified, but it turned out to still be one of my favorite weddings to date. My first fashion cover, a fashion feature in Zink magazine and a commercial shoot for Success For Home magazine. There is nothing better than purchasing a magazine from the newsstands at Barnes and Noble with your work in it! You kind of want to tell everyone in close proximity that ‘yeah, thats my image in that magazine you’re about to buy’, because its so exciting! lol.

Photo by Red Rose Photography.
Photo by Red Rose Photography.

What are some challenges you have encountered throughout your career?

Well, the market has become so saturated. Photography seems to be the go to career for a lot of people now. And sadly most will just buy a camera and call themselves photographers. Nothing wrong with that, the only problem is when they sell a product at such a low rate that it devalues the art and not running it as a business tends to hurt the ones that do, the ones that pay their taxes etc. The client becomes a bargain hunter not focused on quality as they should but simply price point. However, every industry has its challenges, but to stay above it, its important to teach yourselves new skills, push yourself artistically, market as much as you can, make the right connections and never give up!

What are three tips you would give to aspiring photographer?

Set yourself apart! Ask yourself what makes your art different from the next person. There will always be someone more talented, savvier and more connected than you, but how are you going to distinguish yourself from the millions of photographers in the business today? Be prepared for a lot of hard work. Also, don’t just wait to client work, its important to do personal projects. This is a great time to push yourself and learn new skills. And a great outlet.

For me, it has always been self-portraits. I also need to finish working on my photographic book, Warrior Women. (my life project)

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