From Dream Duo to Nominated Duo: Charm City Top Knots

When it comes to award season within the Baltimore fashion scene, Fashion Awards MD is our Oscars. Talented fashion talent from the DMV area put on their best garments and gather to celebrate the evolution of  Maryland fashion. In the large crowd of FAMD attendees, there were two friends day dreaming about seeing their art on stage, working with models backstage and hoping to be nominated some day.


“We went last year to the Fashion Awards MD for the first time,” Aubrey Schneider said. We were like next year we going to work the show and be nominated. Those words came out of our mouths. And, we are accomplishing our goals. Even if we don’t win, it’s just exciting to have that honor.”


The duo of Aubrey Schneider and Molly Mummert will forever be known as Fashion Awards MD nominated artists because they earned a spot on FAMD Emerge ballot in the Emerging Hairstylists this year.

“The year has just begun,” Molly Mummert said. We are just launching our name and being nominated. It is already a blessing to get to work the show in June as well. We are always spreading words about ourselves. It’s just happening so fast and we don’t even have our logo yet.”

The best friends officially go by the name: Charm City Top Knots.

“We actually met up the street from here [Teavolve in Harbor East] at Salon Sante” Aubrey Schneider said. I have been here for two years and Molly has been here for longer. It was almost like fate that we met each other. The salon that we were at closed two months after I got there. So, we met and had to go our separate ways.”

“She’s from Salsibury and I’m from York, PA,”Molly Mummert said. Both of us, not Baltimore people, but the city charmed us. We work with different product lines but we are really excited about doing things for the community, giving back, and being on call to come to our clients.”

Aubrey’s resume includes graduating from the Parkside Cosmetology program in 2008, working with Kevin Murphy, Organic Colour Systems, Bumble & Bumble and Redken. While balancing her new venture, she creates beauty at Tranquille Hair and Body and at Enza’s: An Organic Salon in Salisbury, Md. 


Molly’s resume includes graduating with honors from The Temple: A Paul Mitchell Partner School in 2008, working with Bumble & Bumble as well as nationally renowed Paul Mitchell artists, becoming certified with Keratin Complex Smoothing Systems.

As she starts a new business with her best friend, she resides at Studio 7 The Salon (a Paul Mitchell focus salon) in the Federal Hill.


Combining their years of hairstyling and make-up artistry, Charm City Top Knots hopes to provide a new prespective on what it means to be a beauty artist.

“We mainly specialize in events,” Aubrey Schneider said. Special occasion styling. As far as giving back, we have our “Trescues” [CCTK will help people in need as a way to give back. They customize their trescues for each individual, depending on their situation]. We are actually figuring out who the first one will be.”

“It’s to give someone underprivileged or going through hard times, Molly Mummert said. It’s no cost to them. We also have an event type event that we can do for a couple of women and for a group of girls. One is called Charmed Chicks and the other is called Glitzy Girlz. We are defiently into doing parties and things we can do in the comfort of someone’s home. Also, photo shoots and fashion work as well.”

The “Top Knots” is on a mission to help the community and express themselves through the art of beauty. The Top Knots offer their services for weddings, photography, fashion, advertising, and a variety of other event styling.


“I think that our connection together and just how we work together,” Molly Mummert said. We are like doing something maybe like an updo. I can be like “Aubrey, can you get the thing and the thing and she just knows what I am talking about. Having that chemistry is really hard to find. To be able to get along through all that and continue working is really exciting. I feel like we are a team can go far. Two is better than one.”

“Doing things together is so much more fun when I am with her,” Aubrey Schneider said. We knew we wanted to do something together. It’s just starting to form itself now.”