In Touch with Reversible Style: Switch Purse

The undeniable passion for a handbag. It’s a symbol of womanhood. It’s where you keep all our essentials on a daily basis. It’s one accessory that can be the missing piece for a ensemble. When it comes to the handbag hunt, there are always so many different styles to pick from. It’s always better to see a bag become one with functionality and style.

“I was in a store with my best friend Sheri when I was looking at two of the same purses; one black and one brown,” Jill Louden said. I couldn’t afford to purchase both.  My friend Sheri was showing me a belt that was reversible and then it came to me—that I should make reversible purses. It would be a perfect way to be practical without sacrificing style.”


The Switch Purse handbag business was born just a few years ago. Louden, a mom of a 15 year old and a full time real estate/corporate paralegal at a law firm, has found a creative outlet in creating reversible handmade fabric purses. Believe it or not, she makes her Switch Purse bags in a converted workstation in her bedroom. There is a story behind each of her top three Switch Purses:

“I recently made a Switch Purse that is a beautiful purple/black/white pattern with a rhinestone button; then, it switches to all black with a football button,” Louden said. I love it because you can use the patterned side that has Ravens’ colors for a night out
and then switch it to the football side for a more casual event, such as a house party.


The next Switch Purse is a red/white/black/and gray pattern with a rhinestone button and then it switches to all black. I love red and I thought the color combination was striking.


This Jill Clutch is gold and blue, with fringe and made out of fabric from Thailand. It is so unique and beautiful and I may never be able to duplicate it.”


Louden’s fashion company began with a brown and black suede switch purse with a string as a strap. Now, she is stocked with purses, sketching new designs and exploring new fabrics.


“My favorite Spring 2014 trends are the colors orange, black and white and metallic,” Louden said. The bright orange pops and is so vibrant. The white and black together look crisp. The metallic is bold and eye catching. These colors will be incorporated into my purses.”

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