A Union Made in Jewelry : Lotus Jewelry Studio

Two jewelers become one.

Eight years ago, Courtney Legenhausen and her husband, Erik Legenhausen decided to take their union a little further. They combined their passion for jewelry and started Lotus Jewelry Studio in the basement of their house.

“The first piece we added to the line, which we still sell today, are classic hammered hoop earrings,” Legenhausen said. I have been making these since I was in jewelry school just out of college.”


Fast forward to the present, Courtney and Erik company now operates in a new space in Hunt Valley, Maryland with a creative, cohesive team. Lotus Jewelry Studio features a complete line of bold, handcrafted accessories that are affordable yet personalized.

The San Diego California native jewelry inspiration derived from her roots on the West Coast and a love for all things bohemian.


“Our newest collection [Spring/Summer 2014 collection] has evolved slightly to offer a wider variety of yoga jewelry, new personalized options and pieces with healing stone properties,” Legenhausen said. My favorites from our spring 2014 line would be our malas, the power crystal necklace and our gypsy hoop earrings. I am in love with the rising bohemian/rocker trend that is happening. It really resonates with who I am. So, I love the extreme layering of jewelry and the return of wearing really large rings.”


For 2014, they are expanding their clientele with sale reps in California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico. At the same time, Lotus Jewelry Studio wants to expand the local economy by hiring more talented people to be a part of their Lotus Jewelry Studio vision.

“I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I love each day and Learn more about Lotus Jewelry here. Shop for Lotus Jewelry Studio here. feel incredible fortunate for the people around me that I get to share that with,”Legenhausen said. Without my business partner/ husband and staff none of my successes would be as meaningful. I feel very blessed!”


Learn more about Lotus Jewelry Studio here.  Shop for Lotus Jewelry Studio here.