Bine and Bas: A New Perspective on A Classic Staple

A fascination with shirt and tie combos spotted in the pages of GQ inspired a Baltimorean to make a huge move to Southern California.

Why the change of scenery?
Stephen Schneider made the decision to study fashion merchandising.

“Even though, that was my major I still had no idea what I wanted to do in the industry until a decade later,” Schneider said.


After years in the furniture rental industry, Schneider decided to put his fashion studies into action. While working with a few manufacturers in LA, he wasn’t sastified with their level of qualityand craftsmanship. With a shift in scenery closed to his hometown, he found a manufacturer that shared his vision as well as standard of quality. Each season every Bine & Bas design begins with Schneider gathering fabric swatches and thread colors.

“When I am in the process of choosing the fabrics I’m going to use for each production run, I’m inspired to look for fabrics that my customers can wear in different settings,” Schneider said. It’s all about being different but not too crazy with the patterns and colors. I think about how each shirt would look with a suit and tie or a pair of jeans and khakis. It’s very important to have a shirt that is versatile enough to create different looks for the wearer.”


Originally, Schneider wanted to use patterns that were commonly used in flannel shirts. Bas & Bine, pronounced Beanah & Bass, shirts have a dressier fabric paired with a tall spread collar and 5mm thick buttons for a masculine edge.

“Only a few other brands truly offer something different with their fabric patterns and color choices,” Schneider said. If you look at most of the other popular shirting brands, they use a lot of ginghams and basic plaid or check patterns with the same colors as every other brand. I didn’t want B&B to be that type of cookie cutter brand. Originality is the true inspiration.”


Bine & Bas, named after his niece and nephew Sabine (Sabina) and Sebastian, is a shirting brand that sets a gentlemen apart from the rest crowd with special details that are classic yet versatile. This year, Schneider is ready for the B&B brand to evolve.


“In addition, I’m working on expanding into offering coordinating neckwear options for the shirts in my line,” Schneider said. I understand that for the average guy to pick out a necktie that coordinates with the shirts I design is a difficult process so I want to take the headache out of it for them. I want to show them different options in a “one stop shop/personal stylist” kind of way
that they can use to achieve different looks with the shirts in each of my collections.”

“New shirt styles will be available for Spring 2014 in February. Please check the website ( and the Facebook page ( to order and view info about the brand.” -Stephen Schneider