The Artsy One of Many Mediums : Sarah Juanita

Why limit yourself to one medium?

Sarah Juanita, a dumpster diving artist, who expresses her creativity through jewelry and painting. She finds inspiration from boarding buses from different bus lines in Charm City. She is known for finding an unconventional canvas for her ongoing visual projects. Her first serious piece of art she created came from the repression of her sexual and gender identity in 2010.

Sarah Juanita, artist of many mediums.

“I would describe myself as an artist that includes a womanist framework and experimenting with sexual urges and how that influences decision making in everyday life. I love to open minds on sexual fluidity, and to share the space with other artists and everyday people who are able to open their minds on gender constructs. I feel that is critical to color communities who hold a harsher consequence for broadening the scope of gender fluidity. I’d like to think we birth more “male” feminists that way.”


Last year, she had the opportunity to showcase her work at Raw Baltimore: Translations. Besides showcasing her paintings, her line of jewelry, Juanita’s Jewels was on display as well.

“It honestly came out of experimenting with materials, and wanting something that appealed to my vibrant taste and bold colors,” Sarah Juanita said. It was my snails (rest in peace) that gave me inspiration and the Kudalini patterns and shapes that give it further meaning.”


The first piece of Juanita Jewels was made out of cloth. Over time, she became bored with the fabric and wasn’t quite a fan of sewing.

“My pieces have evolved since then materially,” Sarah Juanita said. I now use clay and ceramics to create my wearables. Personally, I am more comfy with structural originals. It allows a more fluid, fast, and polished product. I intend to extend my pieces to those with stretched ears and the alternative crowd that I belong to.”


Juanita balances her artistic expression through each medium and celebrates her found identity.


I get my jewelry designs from organic thoughts, and the revolution that seems to be occurring with the natural community. – Sarah Juanita of SarahJuanita


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