Happy 2014 from Ms. Charm to You!

What’s New for Ms. Charm’s Chic ?

Are you ready for Ms. Charm’s Chic in 2014?
Well, I hope you are ready for a few announcements.

#1 Shopping Directory is Updated and NEW Resources Page!

Of course, I want to start the year by giving my readers something new. I added some new shops/boutiques to Ms. Charm’s Shopping Directory.
Also, I decided to create new page to highlight all the people I have featured on Ms. Charm’s Chic over the years: Ms. Charm’s Resources Page.

#2 Nominate Ms. Charm’s Chic for Fashion Awards MD

Nominate Ms. Charm’s Chic for Media Member of the Year: Fashion Blogger for FASHION AWARDS MD this month.
Just go to http://fashionawardsmd.com/, scroll down to Nomination Ballot, go to page 2 , look for Media Member of the Year: FASHION BLOGGER and type in Ms. Charm’s Chic.

#3 Important Date to Remember

FEBRUARY 8, 2014 is the day when Ms. Charm’s Chic will turn 4 years old.

#4 Join Me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

This lovely blog is updated on weekly basis. If you want even more Ms. Charm’s Chic, follow me on Instagram at mscharmschic, follow me on Twitter @mscharmschic and LIKE Ms. Charm’s Chic on Facebook.

#5 What to Expect on Ms. Charm’s Chic in January 2014

For the month of January:
  • Introducing a few stylemakers to watch in 2014
  • Details about the next Raw Baltimore event
  • Much More!!